How can I tell the Year of my new 29" mountain Kris Holm unicycle

How can I tell the Year of my new 29" mountain Kris Holm unicycle

It is supposed to be a 2009 but they are selling them really cheap so I am suspicious.

UPS tracking says that I will get it tomorrow. I am stoked. I hope it really is a perfect condition 2009 model.

The biggest most obvious difference is the saddle/seat post. If the seat post looks like this;
Then its the new 2009 model.

If it comes with a rail adapter seat post, then it’s an 07/08


WOW. I wrote to Kris Holm just before I posted this question thinking that he might be too busy to answer but Kris wrote me back already!
That is really cool of Kris.

Here is the message he sent me.


Thanks a lot for the note and the interest.

The differences between the '09 and '08 are:
New Fusion Freeride saddle with upgraded saddle frame and rear bumper This is the most obvious difference. If the attachment bolts for the bumpers and seatpost are hex bolts (instead of dome nuts) it is the 2009.
Spokes are 14g (were 13g)
New Moment hub (was blue, now is black, with upgraded flange design). The first '09 hubs were all black but there was a mid-season changed to polished flanges; both are '09 hubs.
Hope that helps.



Makes me happy to support him by buying his products

Kris is a great guy, and always seems to go out of his way to support the unicycle community. However, by buying one of his unicycles from the cheapest on-line box shifter doesn’t really support anyone and goes against what Kris wants.

There was a similar situation a couple of years ago with a company called AE Bikes which you can read about here; KH from AEBike (The poster called Danger Uni is Kris by the way)