How can I modify a bicycle's hub in a Uni's hub???

How can I modify a bicycle’s hub in a Uni’s hub??? But I don’t want to have a freewheel hub!

Please can you help me, thank you very much :wink:

Sorry for my english I’m Swiss and I speak french.

You can’t easily. Unless you mean for a giraffe unicycle, in which case weld the sprocket on.

If you mean a normal unicycle, then you just want to buy a unicycle hub, they’re cheaper than getting someone to machine you an axle etc.

This shop sells Suzue hubs in Switzerland for 38 euros which doesn’t sound bad to me.


I have heard of people welding a gear on to a racing bike rear hub?

Re: How can I modify a bicycle’s hub in a Uni’s hub???

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> How can I modify a bicycle’s hub in a Uni’s hub??? But I don’t want to
> have a freewheel hub!

It’s easier just to buy a proper unicycle hub. To modify a bicycle hub
would require a lot of effort and probably more money than buying a
unicycle hub.



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Firstly, can you TIG weld?? If so, and you have acess to a drill press, you can drill out your own hub flanges and then TIG weld them to a bike dropout (the part where the cranks attach). Other than that, just buy a normal unicycle hub.

Yes I know that I can buy a normal unicycle hub, but I have a project in my head and I would like to relase it. I must have a bicycle hub modify in uni hub, or home made a uni hub.

I can TIG weld with a friend, and no problem for press drill. I must get out the hub’s bearings on the bicycle, or just TIG the bearings, hub, and uni axle together?

Thank you very much for your answer.

I have thought about this but not done it.

Acquire a crank spindle for the axle. If you use one from a bike bottom bracket it’s likely to be shorter than you want. (well the one in my parts box is anyway.) Center cut the spindle into 2 halves

Acquire a sleeve of appropriate material, strength, and internal diameter. Cut it to the length you need. Insert each spindle half into the sleeve. Weld. Make sure the tapers are alligned correctly.

Cut two disc out of steel plate. Center drill so they fit the axle/sleeve. Drill your spoke holes around the radius. Weld to each side of axle.

Acquire bearings and fit them to the spindle.

This is a brute force method but I guess it would work. It seems I ran across some pictures on the web of someone doing something similar to this.


You could wled or braze some steel hub flanges onto an axle. You might need to make up some special bearing sleeves if you can’t find the right size bearings.

The Axle and bearings operate in a different way on a b*cycle hub so there is no easy way to do it.

Unicycle hubs need to be very strong as they see a lot of force. I have bent several of my early DIY unicycle projects.

Can you give us a few more details of what you are trying to do? We might be able to give you more help then.


I would like to build a disc hub for uni but with out freewheel.