How can i make my KH20 lighter

I’ve seen alot of KH20s at around 5kg or less on the custom KH tread. I’ve searched around, but cant find anything on how to lighten the KH.

Im thinking of stripping my frame, and adding a CF seat base, what other things will reduce the weight?

Drill you cranks or buy lighter ones
Magnesium pedals
Titanium bolts
Drill your seatbumper
Use a singlebolt clamp

Peter’s learnt well :slight_smile:

Though, aluminium bolts would be lighter, and cheaper!..

Pedals and tyres are THE best place to lose weight by far. Also the sacrifice in strength and quality isn’t an issue in these parts as it is in frames/rims/hubs/cranks for example.

Assuming you do trials/street… go for a Monty Eagle claw, the best tyre for trials currently (PM me if you want details), oh and it’s the lightest too. Cut every other side-knobble off to AID side grip and to lose a fair number of grams… it’s a little trick taken from biketrials.

Pedals… if you aren’t a harsh trasher, go for the Wellgo MG1 pedals with a titanium axle. These pedals are sickeningly light, So ridiculous…

If too pricey, just go for some plastic BMX ones, Colony’s are the lightest currently I believe?

From cheap to expensive:

Drill seatbumper (only a few g)
Cut a few nobs of your tire on the outside (around 50g)
Single bolt-seatclamp (around 50g)
Magnesium Pedals (around 200-300 depending on your current pedal)
CF-base (around 100 i guess)
Tensile cranks (100g each crank -> 200g total)

All in all you can make it about 500-700g lighter with that.

Edit: Sponge beat me to the tire cutting thing :wink:

stripping the paint off the frame could save you as much as 6 grams!

That’s based on a KH29 frame though Mike.
You won’t save 6g on a trials frame. I reckon 5g at most!

But Ti bolts are way cooler and stronger then aluminium bolts :sunglasses:

Remove the spoke to the right of the valve, then, going clockwise, remove every 7th spoke and continue going around until it is even.



And then buy some good running shoes and do parcour, you will save about 5,5 kg then :wink:

But not lighter or cheaper.

hmmm… depends on the paint though… I’d be surprised if it’s 4 grams actually.
To put the weight gain into perspective a single yale doorkey weighs 9.5 grams so lightening your pockets or shaving your head is probably much more worthwhile!

Thats true.
But if you want a sexy uni you gotta pay the big bucks :wink:

Plus your frame will be smexy. :sunglasses:

If you search the forum for similar threads, you’ll find lots of advice, as many people have discussed this topic before.

Let me start you off with this thread, however, as it has many great tips: I want my unicycle as light as possible

So i could strip the frame, cut a few kobbies off, i could get 125 moments, or tensiles, but i dont think i’ll be doing some of the other suggestions you said :astonished: . I think the suggestions from probailer2, sponge, smileymarco and the others in this thread are alot better than the advice in that thread.

And don’t forget the drilled Moments!

and instead of buying a single bolt clamp just hacksaw your current one in half.Thats what i did and its great :stuck_out_tongue:

I drilled my bumper

short vid

Drill holes in the sides of your rim say, along each spoke ~ 5mm diameter.

Drill holes in the legs of your frame (I’ve never heard of a frame breaking there).

Get a Koxx-One Pit Fighter II seatpost.

Cut your post so only 2" is still in the neck. You might want to leave an inch or so extra for growing or you change your style (like higher seat for SIF hopping).

Or if you break posts w/ extreme regularity, get a KH longneck w/ a short Chro-molly post.

why did you bother lol you have a massive chunky muni seat.Why is the bumper useless now ? it wont break its only for protecting the foam and cover