How can I fix my Seatclamp

While I was riding today, I fell during a unispin and my seat went crooked. I wen to loosen the seatclamp, but the screws were stripped. Not the threads, but the head itself. I’d rather not buy a new seatclamp. Even if I did, I still wouldn’t be able to get my clamp off.

Any ideas on how to get the stripped screw out? Could Home Depot help?

If I get an answer quick enough, I’ll delete the thread.

GRABIT Damaged Screw Remover

It’s a drill bit that turns left and drills intself into the screw head. Because it is turning left, once it can’t go any farther it stops and unscrews the bolt. I’ve heard it works pretty well.

I think you can pick up a non-name brand one at hardware stores.

I’m sooo sorry. I didn’t know this was in Videos. :frowning:

Thanks, I think I can have a home depot guy do it.