How a schlumpf hub is made

I just found this and thought I would share. Very cool!

He, nice find, thanks for sharing.



That is cool! Gear hobbing is one of the neatest things ever.

A funny thing about it is that I happened to see this segment on television a couple of evenings ago while I was pondering whether or not to go ahead and order my first unicycle. I regarded its appearance as a positive omen, and I’m expecting the truck with my new unicycle on it to show up here some time this afternoon!

It lies… A schlumpf doesn’t double your speed, and its not the only commercially available unicycle gearing system…

Good video though!

Sorry if it’s a dumb question, I’m pretty new to unicycles. What other commercially available gearing systems are there?


None !

This is a commercially available guni that isn’t schlumpf.

it has only 1 gear (so I don’t consider it as a Guni) and is from poor quality, I never saw anybody buying this uni

It might be low quality and only one gear, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is a geared unicycle. I haven’t heard of anyone buying one either, who would when for about the same price you can buy an oracle or a KH.