Houston, 24 or 25 June, anyone?

I’ll be on business in Houston 19 - 29 June. The weekend in between
I’m off the hook. Anyone in the (wider) Houston area fancy to do a
ride with me on 24 or 25 June? I’m in for MUni (not too technical) or
a moderate distance ride. I can’t bring a uni but some padding,
hydration pack etc is doable. Respond in this thread or PM or email

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“I’m slowly but surely stealing Wales and bringing it back to my house on the wheel, frame and cranks of my muni. - phil”

You need to contact Jerry G. PM me and i will send you his email address.

Maybe I can come out that way also.



It would be great to meet you, so if there is any way i can make it to Houston I will. On the other hand, if you can make the drive to San Antonio there will be several of us who would ride with you, and have extra unis and equipment. I could also put you up for a night.
Like Eric said, talk to Jerry, and let’s try to work something out.


you should go to san antonio for the weekend, i think the riding would be much better. houston is not very cycling-friendly.

You have to be kidding. There were trails, even paved trails everywhere.

I think the last day of your trip is the start of NAUCC. you should extend your stay a couple of days and make a road trip to Memphis. What kind of work will you be doing in Houston? My brother works/lives in Houston.

Bill, I live in Houston (actually Spring about 30miles from down town Houston -which is close by Texas standards).
I know a lot of places to ride. I once posted a picture of a Houston policeman complete with gun and “bicycle police” helmet -riding my coker!
I could show you some local trails (paved or not) or we could go to Austin or San Antonio for the weekend… just let me know.


all the trails i’ve been to were really boring so i stopped trying. a few hills or something would be nice. if anyone knows of some good spots please let me know.

I’d love to meet you Klaas, and hope to be able to fit in with your visit in some way. There are loads of unis between the three cities so you’re set there.

it might be kinda far, but i think that there is a state park called hill country state park ( i don’t remember where it is) that i went hunting in and it had some pretty awesome trails, but it seems most of the trails were horse trails :frowning:
ohh and good luck w/ finding muni in houston … maybe “DUNI” if you drive out to galveston, but traffic sucks reallllly bad in houston
and its illegal anyways

downtown corpus christi has some freaking awesome trials lines, but i think san antonio would be better :slight_smile:

Re: Houston, 24 or 25 June, anyone?

Sorry that my response in ‘my own’ thread is somewhat belated. I was
away from home a lot of the time since posting my question.

I would love to meet Eric, Dave, Scott and rest of the San Antonio /
Austin gang of riders, in addition to Jerry. Maybe skrobo wants to
come that way too, but be warned: I really suck at trials!

I originally wrote 24 OR 25 June, but Austin/SA seems too far for a
single day trip. So Jerry, could we arrange to go that far west for
the weekend? I’ll probably be able to arrange for a business-paid
rental car to come and pick you up, and then drive on to Austin/SA.

Scott, thanks a lot for the offer of putting me up for a night. Could
you accommodate Jerry as well? Or, oh well, Jerry may have his own
contacts there.

I checked the weather and with 35 - 38 deg C it’s a lot hotter than
I’m used to. (Light) MUni would still be doable? I’ll bring my helmet

Bugman, since you’re asking: I’ll be on an 8-day team workshop in
Houston. Mostly technical, partly softer issues like midyear review. I
do research for Shell on oil production (producing means ‘getting out
of the ground’). I’m afraid I can’t extend my stay and go to NAUCC.
I’ve been away from home over the last few months too much already to
my family’s liking, mostly on non-business stuff, and I’ll go to
UNICON XIII in Switzerland anyway (which is another 12 days in

Hope we can work something out, I really look forward to meeting you
all. PM or email me for my Dutch cell phone, which most likely will
work in the US. I’ll be here until Sunday 18 June.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“I’m slowly but surely stealing Wales and bringing it back to my house on the wheel, frame and cranks of my muni. - phil”

Hi Klaas Texas Regionals

Hopefully the humor of the title is not lost in translation. It’s hilarious in English. Really.

We had recently been talking about trying to get some of the riders from Austin, Houston, and SA together again, so we will use your visit as an excuse. Don’t worry, it won’t be a big production. On short notice and in the heat of the summer we will do good to get 6 or 8 people together.

I don’t know, Jerry’s kind of a trouble maker…

Yes, Jerry knows he is always welcome here. We have been in touch about your visit. I am not available until late afternoon Saturday, so it looks like you guys may do Austin on Saturday, then come here for Saturday night and Sunday. Yes it is hot right now, but at least we have plenty of shaded muni trails. I rode at daylight this morning and it was 70 degrees F with fairly low humidity, which was really nice.

We will work out the rest of the details by email. I posted this here so others in the area could join in.


i don’t get scott’s joke…

thouht i’d post my PM reply:

i’m not sure jerry will check his PMs. between scott and i, we should keep jerry informed.

i’m up for anything with a preference for a coker ride. a loaner coker is possible, but i don’t have an extra one. i do have an extra freestyle wheel. by the way, what kind of riding do you do normally?

i’m just thinking that what might be fun for you if you’ve never been is to see the spanish missions in san antonio (including the alamo). there’s a cycling path that goes between several of the missions.

i’d also be willing to host an austin ride - muni or uni tour of austin.


…ha ha ha … i think i just got it.

Saturday evening’s booked for me, but Sunday should be fine. All my unis are available for loan to you, from 19" through 36". If you can send me your top-of-bottom-pedal to top-of-saddle measurement, Klaas, that could help in getting a uni or two ready for you.

Muni ride

I told Scott this morning that I will be up for a Muni ride on Sunday if that is what you guys decide to do.


That may well happen. The communication now runs largely via e-mail. Can I include you on your @unicyclist.com email address? Otherwise please send me an e-mail (my username contains a space, replace that with a dot, and follow it by @unicyclist.com) or a PM with a better address. Or if you’re happy to stay informed via Scott (he’s in the loop anyway), that’s fine with me.


Klass, I am being kept up to date by Scott. see you Sunday.