Hotter 'n Hell Ride in Wichita Falls, TX

This past weekend was the annual Hotter 'n Hell event ride in Wichita Falls, Texas. I participated in my first event ride with two other Dallas riders, Jim and Jonah (Moron and jonahhill on the forums, respectively.)

We were the only three unicyclists (to our knowledge) out of ~15,000 bicyclists. There were several route options, including 10K, 25 mile, 50 mile, 100K, and 100 mile. Jim and I rode the 50 mile route, and Jonah did 100K (~63 miles). Though we rode different routes, we were able to ride the first 10 miles together, as well as the last few miles before the finish.

Most of the routes go through Shepard Air Force base, and we got to see F-16s, F-14s, A-10 Warthogs, C-130 transport planes, and several others. Young servicemen and women lined the street to cheer cyclists through, and went crazy when three unicyclists showed up, really making us feel like celebrities. We were also loudly cheered into the finish line by event participants. It was a great way to end a long, tiring ride.

This was my first event ride, as well as the longest I’ve ever ridden. I was unsure if I was up to it at first, but now plan to push myself to do 100K next year. It was great to get a lot of time in the saddle riding the 36", as I usually ride light muni on my 29".

We completed our rides in about 7 hours, including rest stops. Temps started in the 80s when we mounted around 7:20am, and topped around 106 deg F (though heat index was about 111 deg F). It was brutally sunny all day.

I think we have stirred some interest locally in Dallas for next year, but would also love it if unicyclists from other areas would join us. It’s a well-supported event, and there wasn’t even a parking problem! I certainly plan on riding again next year.

You can check out the event here.

Below is a pic at the finish, myself on the left, Jim center, and Jonah on the right. Perhaps they will chime in with their thoughts. Also, a pic of cyclists lining up at the start.


Congrats on making it through. That’s an impressive feat. 7 hours is exactly what Jonah had planned. He must be feeling especially good having set a goal and met it.

I’m in for next year. Don’t know what distance I’ll ride, but I’ll be there.

You guys are beast!!!
If I can I’ll do it next year also.:slight_smile:


thought by now there would have been some activity on here. Anyone going?

There are about 10 people participating from the DFW Unicycle Club this year, the discussion has been mostly on our facebook page though.

I don’t have a facebook account. I had one for a while. It just kept falling lower on my priorty list and was never updated.

What distances? Anyone doing the 25?

Here’s a list that was just posted

Andrew Albright, 50 miles
Erich F Bevensee, 100K
Joe Foster, 50 miles
Don Hexamer, 50 miles
Jonah Hill, 100K
Jim Jamison, 50 miles
Mark Johnston, 25 miles
Chaz McCown, 100K
Chad Rainey, 25 miles
Larry Armour, 50 miles (bike)

Great work guys. way to show those bikers.

Whoop Whoop, AA-50miles. Can’t wait!!!

Maybe there’s enough 50 milers to do a respectful missing man formation when going through the base?

How to find everyone else before the start? I would suggest a helium balloon but with my luck I’d get there and there would be a sea of helium balloons :wink:

Looking forward to it.


Back of the 100K Riders

We’re planning to start from the back of the 100K group. That’ll let that bunch get started and let us get up and rolling before the 50 milers come up behind us.

We’ll be the guys on one wheel… Can’t miss us. Look forward to meeting you!

PM me if you want a cell phone number to meet up. We’re also doing dinner about 7:00 tomorrow night - you’re welcome to join us there, too.

I like the missing man formation idea… That would be awesome… I’ll try to see if the other guys saw this or not.
Good Idea!

Doug killed us in the 50 mile!!! I hope to ride with him again soon. I’ll peal some pics off soon and e-Mail them too ya Doug.


Caught on Tape

Someone posted a photo of you online and there’s a bit of discussion about you.

Sweet I just signed up I post something there soon. LOL TY

Unicycle Basketball

I’m new to the unicycle community. I have a bar near Deep Ellum with a huge parking lot. I saw a bar down in Austin once that held a unicycle basketball tournament and was wondering how to get one started in Dallas. If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be great.

Get in touch with the DFW Unicycle Club. You can look them up on Facebook and there are a ton of unicyclist in it that could help out.

Wow that is so awesome! Congrats!