Hot tips

A couple of hot tips:

  1. Decathlon Sports Store near Nottingham (and presumably, therefore, other stores) sells bottle cage adaptors. these are rubber pads with metal threaded inserts for bolts, and they have moulded in adjustable straps. They fit nicely on the seat tube of a Nimbus 24 and seem to hold a drinks bottle securely. At less than a fiver, quite a useful gadget. No room on a Coker frame for it though. :0(

  2. A bit local this one, but if you fit 170 mm cranks to a Pashley Muni in place of the 150s, the right pedal will catch a kerb on the humback bridge by the river at Stoke Bardolph and your seat will land in a cow pat. This will cause the nasty rough boys on the bench nearby to guffaw mercilessly.

Re: Hot tips

Aren’t unicycles a great tool for life? They have a way of lifting us up and building our self esteem…but just about the time we think we are pretty ace, they have a way of humbling us too!

There’s an ancient proverb that says, “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”