horse-coaster unicycle

Just had an idea for a unicycle to allow easier coasting.

This would use a very long hub axle, so that the pedals and cranks were way
out from the hub. Where the axle was outside the frame a sleeve would be
mounted round the axle on bearings. This would mean you could pedal by using
the normal pedals on the outside, but when you wanted to coast you could sit
your feet onto the sleeve, which would give you much more leverage then you
have with feet up on the frame and a much quicker get out into normal

Unfortunately the pedals being way out would mean you’d have to ride it like
a horse normally, so maybe not such a good idea.

The other idea is to do this, but mount the coasting blocks on the end of
the pedals in some way, maybe using a crank and another pedal attached
through the pedal end in some way, like this.

| b
| ===
| | | c
|-- ----
a d

a = axle
b = pedal
c = another crank
d = coasting block (another pedal)


Re: horse-coaster unicycle

Re the second suggestion: coasting with your legs
spread apart would seem to be asking for
trouble ;-). Not that I can coast, anyway.

I think part c might make riding the uni almost as
dangerous as with SPDs, if you have size 1000
feet like me. And part d might make the uni like
one of those spiked chariots in Ben Hur. Now
there’s a thought…

Arnold the Aardvark