hopping mad !

Okay, every time I think of something new to make / new to try on a uni, I’m
informed, that its already been done. I think I’ve come up with something new:

I have a great joy for jumping, or simply hopping, as described in

In the Muni wolrd I think it shoudl help me hop on/ off greater obstacles…

Except being above average in weight (90Kg - 200lbs) I’m always concerned to
trash various parts of my uni (namely cranks and axle, but it could be the rim
as well), in fact when I learn this for the first time, I went hopping down a
hall on a freinds 20" tawainese model and the cranks had angles of 160/200
between then, instead of 180/180.

Solution ? Make a uni specifically for fat boys to hop around on. Here’s my
plan: Get a really old hash uni (or indeed some old bike bits) and weld the
cranks in the horizontal position (they don’t have to be real cranks, just
peices of metal representing them).

So I end up with a uni (which can’t be ridden) with cranks stuck in a
horizontal position, welded, so they won’t move (or bend), in which I can hop
to my hearts content.

So - has this been done ? Any WWW references ? I know you’re all probably
thinking what a waste of time and effort - but thats aside the point.

Simon G

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Re: hopping mad !

Have you tried a pogo stick?