hopping help

Does anyone have any tips on how to hop higher? I hop SIF

really all you need to do is practice more and more and youll get better you could also pull the wheel up and try to touch ur butt with it can u hop up steps in sif

I practice alot, but I havn’t been able to hop any higher for about a month.

Get a video of your current technique and maybe people can give advice. Without knowing what you may be doing wrong we cant give advice.

Try to touch your butt with the wheel every time you jump, just like Tunkie said. If you watch others, you see that practically everyone that jumps sif has the wheel relatively close to their body when they jump. What i do is practice bringing the wheel up as high as i can on flatland first to get a feel for it, then i use what i learned on actual obstacles later. You feel stupid doing it on flatland, but it helps!

Good luck!

makes sence I’ll try that
how high can you hop?

Around 2 1/2 feet to rubber, and higher to pedal grab.

thats insane
30" is so massive
I jumped higher today than I ever have, its been forever, I got up my first 3 set SIF and 4 set rolling :slight_smile:

im not 100% sure about what I’m doing different, but suddenly my hand hurts
i think it is because I am compressing the tire, the likes of which I have never had an opportunity of doing because of the tires I had the capability of riding, a trials tire really does help, but i think it has to do more with teaching form than anything.

being tall helps :smiley: thats about the halfway point of my thigh (a little higher), if you want to compare your jump height by size. All I do is trials…I still gotta learn how to ride backwards -.-

oh, and i’m 6ft.1’

Yeah, thats exactly it. I had the same problem and gloves helped me with it.

oh wow, pure trials right there
how far can you rolling hop?

I’ve just started to practice them, and I can only get about 3 feet…on a really, really good day :frowning:

i should finish the tutorial …

just keep practicing and JUMP up, tuck, and land at a slight angle. If you land straight it is much harder to control the landing on a far jump

3 steps SIF? You should easily be able to do 4 with a 28" sidehop. U should try it =)

stairs are hard to do because you have to go up AND over. not just up
it is a different technique

with me, I suddenly got down the technique well and my hop hight went up.
I think at a certain point you just learn how to do it well and your hops start to go up

Are you pre hopping. Make sure you get a good one in before the initial hop.

naw, the 28" is rolling
i can’t SIF for anything, i’m just learning to get higher because I think that it is COMPLETELY poinless on a BMX tire as it has no preload/bounce and it is really harder.

can anyone get higher SIF on an average BMX tire than rolling on the same tire?