Hopping and mountain ultimate wheeling

I was experimenting with hooking the UW to hop up curbs and such. My current record is just a few inches. It seems a like a workable solution (ie. better than straining your back trying to grab the wheel).


Thanks for posting that, you’ve got some great info and photos there. Why not make the string holding the hook longer if the reason for having it is to stop having to bend down? Would that then be too hard to position the hook on the wheel?

Great work,

Uhh thats all the length of chain I had on hand. :slight_smile: Two more links might be better. I bend down to hook it in anyway and since it sticks I have to bend down to unhook it. Having it stick may be a good feature since it does not move around much when placed.

If it was a long metal hook instead of a chain it would be easier to hook in and unhook, but then it might not be good to fall on. It also may scare the hikers away in the woods.


Oh, okay. I didn’t realise it was a chain. Nice work,