hopping and jumping questions

I am working on hopping and hopping off of curbs is improving, yet I am having a problem with hopping up onto objects. Is using two hands to pull up on the seat(miyata) better or is using one preferred? I can hop with either the left hand pulling up or the right hand pulling up and the left foot forward with both.

Also, when I try to jump, I am landing with the ball of my right foot on the pedal. This caused a pain when walking that ran the length of my foot. Would a flat foot be better for landing?


I find its better to use just one hand, with the other one out for balance. As for foot placement, I use boots with heels for MUni and Trials, and I always ride with the heel against the back of the pedal. Especialy if your going to be doing a lot of hopping, I think its better to be on the center of your foot, so it doesn’t hurt your feet so much.

Hope this helps.

Ben Plotkin-Swing