Hopeful Unicyclist

Hey guys!
So I found this forum today during class when i was looking for information about unicycling. Ive wanted to take it up for a year or so but kinda just brushed it off. Now i need a talent for a thing I’m applying for in February and i though this would be the perfect excuse to learn how to do it!
So I’m hoping to get one for christmas if either i can buy one when I’m home from school. So thats the first part of my post, anyone know where i can buy a unicycle in either the Toronto area, GTA or in London, Ontario?
Second question suggestions on what i should get for a beginner who doesn’t real have intentions of doing any form of offloading or anything like that.
Next do you recommend i take lessons first or buy it not try on my own and then take lessons of some form in the summer as realistically bc of my busy schedule i won’t be able to take any until the.
Really any help you have for me with basically zero knowledge of unicycling would be greatly appreciated!
Or if you can steer me to another thread that has brought up this questions that’d be awesome!
Thanks everyone :smiley:

Buy one and do it.
There are threads all over the place about what to buy and whom to buy it from.
Unicycle.com is a sure fire bet.
Other people will chime in eventually.
I suggest no lessons, just practice.
Nothing beats the feeling of getting your first unicycle revolution.

unicycle.com is best bet!

+2 ^, isn’t bedford unicycles in canada?

I think so.

Can you even get unicycling lessons?
Tutorials and handy hints can help. But you’ve got to get one one and
Try it

Enjoy. Learning is great fun. And very rewarding when you finally get it

Good luck


Once you get a unicycle I bet if you hooked up w/ a local club or rider, they wouldn’t mind giving you a few tips (use the map link on the home page). The forums and youtube can be surprisingly helful though.

Like this thread for instance.

I always tell people that the first ten minutes are very discouraging, and it feels impossible. After that, you immediately begin to feel the progress and it becomes addictive. I recommend learning by holding onto a chain link fence (like at a tennis court) and moving down the fence and back, and gradually let go.

the first pedal rotations are the hardest. just a reminder weight in the seat!

I learned how to ride from a college buddy who let me borrow his unicycle. It really helps if you can find somebody who already knows how to ride, or perhaps find a local club, that can give you pointers and keep you motivated to learn, and maybe even lend you a uni before you buy. When you see someone else riding in person, it makes a huge difference in your attitude towards learning.

Welcome secretspy…it’s a little distance from you by the looks of it, but check out https://www.facebook.com/groups/111322922220368/ they ride quite often and are a great group with both experienced riders and newer riders. I’m sure you could learn a lot attending a meeting. Talk to Drew R. or on here I think his moniker is Dr. D.

If you’re in Toronto, the best place to get a uni would be from Darren Bedford, he’s located in Toronto. You just have to call him and you can go take a look in his shop with him. Also, I think there’s a unicycle club in Toronto. I dont know if they are still riding but last time I checked their website there was a few basket ball games in the calendar. I bet you can ask Darren about the club, the must all ride Bedford unicycles :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are to learn on your own, this page can help you. Especially the downloadable “Learning to Unicycle”.