hop on wheel?

what is the proper technique for hopping on the wheel from the pedals. i dont want to taco the wheel or break my ankles doing it the wrong way, but i must learn this. i can jump and suicide mount, so getting back on shouldnt be a problem, its the gettting on thats hard. help!

what wheel are you useing? most are really strong so tacoing shouldnt be a problem

Shadow, like Des said, most wheels wont taco by jumpin on the. I have never heard of a wheel tacoing from that (I dont know if it is just I have never heard of it, or it doesnt happen).

I have a Nimbus (just standard, nothing special about it) and it takes it no probs! This is one of the weakest wheels, so i doubt anything else would taco.

To get on to the wheel, I hop with the saddle infront of me, then lift my feet up high. I then turn the uni 90 degrees, and land on the wheel.
I hold the saddle at the bumpers. Also, Dont jump too high. You want to land on the wheel, and if you jump high, you are more likely to jump forwards/backwrads, and come off. Try and land with your feet as close into the frame as possible, as this will make it more stable.

That was just my tips, and how I do it. Other people may do it different, and have different tips, but I hope it helped. REMEMBER: PRACTICE PRACTICE and PRACTICE!!!