Honda's U3-X: A Geek-Friendly Unicycle

Kind of a Segway but looks slightly more like a unicycle:

I wonder how you stand still on this one, I mean what prevents it from falling left or right? On a uni you would idle, and maybe that’s what this thing does too, while keeping the seat stationary?

You can keep stationary with micro-idles that barely move if you’re a machine;) It takes no conscious effort from the rider except, “Hey, I need to stop leaning forward now!”

It can do this because it can move in all directions. You can lean sideways, and it will go sideways, unlike the Enicycle.

When you just let it standstill with nobody on it, it looks like it’s hovering.

This is a repost:

I think it has tiny side-facing wheels around the circumference of its wheel, so it can idle side-to-side as well as forward-back like a pedalled unicycle.


Yeah. Here’s a better visualisation of it;