Homemade uw finished (sorta)

Here it is minus tire, pretty spiffy eh?

That’s pretty sweet.

I’d just take my Uni wheel off and ride it like that…

An uw with cranks is harder that one without cuz you get less wobble.

Consider me an Ultimate Wheel pro then? I can ride my Uni wheel without the frame or seat.

Im just saying that its harder, not at all immpossible.

Nice! I like the way you welded the pedal holes to the wheel. Looks like it will be stronger that way rather than drilling a hole through the supports (spokes).

What size? Steel or aluminum?

That is really cool.

that really nice!

are you gonna paint it/ powdercoat it/ do what ever or just leave it nice and shiny?
(or have you already, i cant tell)

That looks very professional, minus one little detail, I noticed that near the welds the heat had caused bends in the rim.

Still I doubt you will notice them and its certainly a damn fine UW.

meh, it’s a little tiny :sunglasses:

thats what she said

Right now its just brushed aluminum, sometime in the distant future it will get powdercoated.

that was the easiest way to do it, I took some old cranks of a mountain bike and sacrificed them to the cause.

and I used a 622mm rim because the price was right (freeeeee!!)

that really does look professional

that looks awesome

looking good! :sunglasses: