Homemade unicycle and part

Do you have a homemade unicycle or parts ? Frames, hubs, cranks, seat ? Show photo and write your unicycle or parts, you help other in build unicycle :slight_smile:
I build a begginer unicycle 24" I use a old bicycle wheel with hub and new simple bicycle cranks 165-170mm. I must alter thread in one cranks to pedal, (two left cranks bicycle). Frame and hub J made with my friend, seat and seat post i buy- qu-ax luxus. :smiley:

What are you thinking about my uni :roll_eyes: ?
I thinking to alter this unicycle to 28" in next time

P.S Sorry, beacouse my english is not good :angry:

I am like it much!! good job!! One in my pic is old bicycles too, from dump near home.

I “builted” a frame yesterday. It’s a Custom LongNeck! it’s built from a Nimbus 1 frame(22.2 seat post) and the neck of a scooter witch is aluminum and 25.4 seat post! here it is…
The whole set up.

The Crown.

Do you have a clamp for that or something? That doesn’t look right, you put the scooter frame over the original frame to make it a longneck? I’m confused

just build a bomb proof seatpost today

this one is from steel
perhaps tommorow build one out of alumnium

I just throwed it on the ground, I have a clamp for it but it’s too big so I don’t ride with it and yeah, it’s just to have a longneck, but I still like more my KH 2005 frame than this one.

Cool, you have a piece on either side? I wonder how that will actually perform, depends on the weld and stuff I guess, and I don’t think you’d hit the edge at all.

yes there is a plate on both sides

its made from regular steel
its not for myself but for a friend who is tired of snapping his seatpost
couple of regular seatpost
and i think he is down to his 3 alu seatpost with the reininforcment of qu-ax

the alu seatpost of qu-ax tend to snap off just under the reininforcment weld
if i have some spare time i will make a seatpost out of alu just like qu-ax but leaving some more alu at the part just under the reininforcment

offcourse there will always be a next weak spot to break something:D

ok it is not a uni cycle or part but its funn to ride i didnt bolt or weld anything to my nimbus 24 i made a frame tht acts like a seatpost and bolts into the frame just slides in and tightens with the seatclamp i had to make a custom bearing holder my only tools were arc welder and angle ginder

Wha! this is awsome, I’ll have to built one like that!

shakes head

That’s just wrong. A bicycle does not deserve Moments.:slight_smile:

ust did the same thing except i used this plastic stuff that was in the neck and a homemade shim out of the t-bar

That is so cool. What a classic machine. Congrats! :slight_smile: