Homemade ultimate wheels?

I’ve decide to make myself an ultimate wheel. I discovered that to buy one from Juggleart it’d cost me $425. Although it’d be much better quality than the one I’ll build, I couldn’t spend that much on it.

I’ve just got one question…where could I find the things you screw the pedals into? You know, the bits that you put into the wooden disk that have a thread in them. I did a little search but couldn’t find anything. The rest seems easy enough, although I don’t know where I’ll get the wooden disk cut in a circle. Would a hardware be able to do this for me?

One more thing. I couldn’t find any detailed photos of homemade ultimate wheels. Can anyone help me out there? I’m just looking for photos of the basic style ultimate wheels with a wooden disk instead of spokes.


You can get the pedal plates from unicycle.com (where else?) or get a friendly welder to weld the end of an old crank to bit of steel plate.

You can cut a wooden disk with a jigsaw. Someone who does DIY should have one and be willing to help.

Other than screwing it all together and remembering to cut a hole for the valve there isn’t much else.

Thanks a lot. Unfortunately I was hoping to build it tomorrow but I won’t be able to. I do know someone who can weld though.


I used the description HERE
because it didn’t know about the inserts and it didn’t require welding. Inserts are much better though. They are easy to install and can be moved if you change your mind on the “crank length”.


The Unicycle Factory does them as does Semcycle.

Check out David Bagley’s thread which talks about sewing climbing tubing to the tire for less friction.


See the last entry in the thread.

just buy a cheap 24 inch unicycle and take the fork off,or take the fork off of your muni.

a cranked UW is harder to learn in the beginning but its way better in the end,since your legs are farther away from the tyre.

I agree with Jagur, but it depends on wether you are willing to put in the extra hours of practice. I think (and hope) it will be worth it.

So are you saying that a faame-less unicycle is better because it’s more of a challenge, or because you don’t scrape your legs as much or something like that? I think I’d prefer a proper ultimate wheel. That way I could have it both ways…learn on the proper one and then learn to ride a frameless uni.


a frameless (as you say) wheel is better for offroad stuff because…yes,your legs are farther from the tyre.

i dont really care what you get :o im just saying that you have a UW under your seat for free.

Back in February, I purchased the UW pedal brackets from unicycle.com


They said they were out of stock and would ship me some as soon an new orders came in, which they estmated to be 3-4 weeks. According to their website, they have been in stock for about two weeks now, but not heard anything from them so far(hint hint).

I’m using these instructions to build one.


Hope this helps Andrew. I hope you have better luck than me getting the parts you need.

I didn’t mean to say that one type is definately better than the other. It’s probably a question preference and what you want to do with the UW.
I’m saying that I like the frame-less unicycle because I like the way I’m able to hop on it and because i will eventually be able to ride it without the tire touching my legs.
It’s also a choice between a heavy and stable wheel and a light and nimble one.

Probably a good idea. Try both and decide what works for you.

I know, but I tried it for abuot 1 minute once and it seemed ridiculously hard.

DasDingus (sorry, I don’t know your name),

Those things look great. Unfortunately I would have to pay a fair bit on shipping for them. I had an idea for a pretty crude but cheap ultimate wheel.

What I thought I could do is put a small hole in the centre of the wooden disk. Then I’d put the cranks (not cut down or anything) on each side and screw them together with some sort of a bolt with a nut at each end. Then, to stop the cranks from spinning, I’d get a small hole drilled near the end of each crank and put a bolt throught the wood and the crank. I’m not at all confident about it staying in one piece though.


I’ve seen a wheel made like that in a club i visited. It was OK to ride and it seemed to hold up fine. It’ll be a little harder to ride than one with brackets, but not much.
The more things you have sticking out of the disk the harder it will be on your ancles and legs/leg armor.
The wheel I saw had the cranks held in place with a capital omega shaped metal piece (sorry, I don’t know what they are called in english :frowning: ) acros the crank arm instead of the bolt through it. That way there’s no bolt sticking out past the crank, and it is at least as easy to make.


That might work. I don’t think it’ll be especially strong but I expect you are not doing and hopping or MUWni yet. UWs are so easy to make and remake. If your method fails you can easily rebuild it with pedal plates later.

of course it was,but give me a break! one minute? come on now,its worth more than that…

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