Homeless in Moab

So here’s my situation:
I’m arriving in Moab on Thursday night. I’m sharing a cabin with UnicyclistBen on Friday and Saturday night. That leaves Thursday night for me to find somewhere to sleep.
Anyone have an extra patch of carpet I could use for Thursday night? I’ll pay $10.00 to anyone who wants to give me a home in a hotel for one night or $5.00 for anyone who’s got room in a tent. I don’t take up much space, I don’t eat much, and I’m potty trained. Promise.

Potty Trained?

Worst comes to worst just head over to Slickrock campground and find us. We can put you up in a car or up on our comfortable rack.


We may even have floor space in our condo, that 9 of us from TCUC are staying at. I’m not the one to contact though, contact Andy Cotter about that.