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I have cranks with multiple pedal positions. It’s nice, but a PIA to switch them during rides or even between rides. Furthermore, the cranks were never intended to have multiple pedal holes and tend to fail at the inner hole when the pedals are mounted to the outer hole. I got MKS quick release AR-2 pedals, and a second set of “chucks” to install in the second set of holes in the cranks. The pedal positions on the cranks were 25mm apart center to center, and I bobbed the AR-2 platform at the inside of the pedal to avoid striking the chucks in the secondary position. I also ground the bobbed edges of the platform to be rounded since there is minimal clearance and shoe soles could get nipped by a scissoring action.
Unfortunately, the MKS AR-2 design is old school road style with an offset spindle to balance and accommodate toe clips which I will never use on a unicycle! The issue is two fold. Firstly, I always land on the offset side where my foot rests on the spindle and not the platform, and secondly the pedals I should have gotten, MKS EZY MTE or better still the MKS Grip King use a different standard “chuck” so I’d have to buy another pair of chucks and pedals to enjoy the quick release feature with conventional platforms. Additionally, the potential for crank failure at the inside hole is reduced by installing a bolt or the MKS quick release chuck.
Well, I had an early 80’s mountain bike with MKS BM-10 pedals with bear trap style platforms that were slightly larger than my AR-2 platform! I ground the rivets that retained the platforms of the old BM-10’s, and simply bolted the platform at the high rivet point at the inside of the pedals to offset the deeper cage to match the high side of the AR-2’s while still being raised enough to sit higher than the offset spindle side of the AR-2’s! I drilled and tapped through the BM-10 outer reflector mount hole into the AR-2 pedal to lock the platform in place. I even gained an additional inch of Q to the outside of the pedal for a larger target and more grip!
Despite getting the wrong pedal for the job with an antiquated chuck, I spent nothing, got a larger platform than the MKS MTE, and still saved half a ton over the MKS Grip Kings and maintained quick release pedals for 125/150 mm crank positions! The ease of use is brilliant, and the 125 position helps me fly, but the 150 position gives me control at slower speeds and technical situations.
Oh, because they were balanced for ease of entry with toeclips, they self level so when mounting the pedals tend to be flat side up wherever the crank is positioned!

ar 2 bm 10 combo.jpg

quick swap 125-150 positions.jpg

to bad ya cant use normal pedals!

It would be awesome if KH or nimbus started producing stuff like this.

I wish they wouldn’t copy shit actually. This model doesn’t self level like the ones I have, but the sweet thing is you can swap positions in less than 3 seconds for both pedals by hand -instead of over 5 minutes with conventional pedals using a wrench you need to carry! You won’t hold up a group ride, and you’ll take advantage of both positions often, where typically most just leave their pedals alone despite having multiple pedal position cranks! If I just had 150’s I wouldn’t even bother with disc brakes, but on a steep downhill or at screaming speed with 125 or smaller cranks you’re kinda screwed without disc brakes!



I have dual hold synz and spirits and use only one hole because its kinda a pain to switch this may be my saving marry

this works for me. takes little over thirty second but whos in a rush…

i imagine more Schlumpf hubs will sell than QR pedals ever will. Sorry


both pedals in 30 secs?

No, both pedals swapped in under 3 seconds…

I think he was asking about Muni_tasmania’s claim.

I think 30 seconds is possible per side with a 6mm allen socket and ratchet, it’s hard to get an allen with enough leverage and be short enough to clear the frame from the inside of the crank with short cranks and you would likely have to remove and reinstall tool every 270 degrees. but that dude’s in no rush and his ride buddies are obviously patient. Still, I believe I would change my positions more frequently because of the short transition time, and lack of tools.

I will find out for you exactly if you answer my question… What is the rush switching pedals out???
Im not seeing the great benefits of QR pedals. If I can have my nukeproofs QR I would be on board with this idea but still what is the urgentcy to change crank holes fast? Wouldn’t the extension outward place more pressure on the bearings and spindle also?
Sorry to go against the tide here

I love my 6mm plated hex key and won’t give it up very easily.

If you have quick fingers and clean, greased threads it may be pretty quick. I doubt 30 seconds consistently, but easily under 2 minutes

I think if it is a lot less hassle to switch pedals, then you will probably do it way more often.

Even a standard key, un nip the tension, using the short angle, flip key around, bondus the remainder through the spokes. Its not a tiring long winded chore really

Maybe in off on a limb here but what I see is if your liking to change crank holes like pressing buttons on a pinball machine this precious time that your impatient friends hate to waste I would see a content uni rider choosing a wise crank length and sticking to it. Bikers often stop at the hills to drop or raise a seat post. Some have QA ones most dont. Some racers like QA posts but bare the extra weight. Other racers keep it light save some cash and rarely need to touch saddle height if set at a happy height.

They probably have their place as dropper posts do for some but time I think lost even changing 3 second pedals after dismounting re mounting, getting feet right then getting back to cadence, I would have cranked on past be how far ahead maybe gone up or down a schlumpf ratio maintained momentum and you would not be catching up anytime before the next rest point.

I dont fancy swapping out pedals all the time even if it takes 3 or what ever claimed seconds

If anyone shares my opinion thanks. If not I wish you success and good times with QA

the tide moves both ways. no one’s preference is right for everyone. The pedals don’t stick out further than conventional pedals, so the stresses are similar. However, I am using this on my 36er that I primarily use for road and generally my 29er heads with me to the trails. I will say that a shortcoming of these would be off road use since the spindle core that is received by the chucks is a smaller than conventional diameter. I just prefer the different positions when I am confronted with a ridiculously steep descent or carriage roads as opposed to flat and fast terrain. Without the quick release, I simply don’t take advantage of the multiple positions. Therefore, I endorse the use and implementation of quick release pedals on multiple position cranks. also, it’s cool I was able to remedy funky MKS pedals with parts from other MKS pedals from 30 years ago!:smiley:

Also, I am an unconventional unicyclist for two reasons:

  1. As counterintuitive as a “lazy” unicyclist is, if I can’t change pedals on a whim -I’ll hesitate and just spend the time straining on the hills…

  2. I appreciate the simplicity of unicycles but revel at mechanical complexity (Designing bongs like Rube Goldberg is another hobby!)

For flying tool-free

I’ve been looking into flying with my uni, but don’t want to check it and TSA gets cranky about carrying on tools. QR pedals would address this. All I need now is a decent bag option.

funny you should mention dropper posts dude, I still have a couple Hite-Rites, and maybe an IRD remote from back in the day! The dropper posts and certainly schlumpf exceeds the cost of the rigs I’d put them on! I am not thinking of the short term of maintaining, but being able to sustain the return trip! sometimes I wear myself out and pacing myself, taking short brakes, and changing cadence is my style, cuz if we’re racing -you win!

The general application for QR pedals is for packing and folding bikes. Regarding the TSA, I believe it is only a matter of time before we take up arms in revolt against them, ICE, DHS, IRS, NSA, CIA and their masters for suspending Habius Corpus, Ex post facto, dismissing the second and fourth amendments, staging false flag attacks here and abroad, operating outside their mandates, and war mongering as an excuse for martial law where the current or future administrations now have the authority through executive order to control food and water supplies, construction supplies, power grids, and use all their shiny new hollow point rounds by the millions and tanks acquired for domestic use.

Sorry, the emotional disposition of government employees that swear no oath to uphold the constitution and search/seize without probable cause in direct contradiction to the basis for all law of this land just strikes a nerve dude.

Oh, best case IMHO: http://tricosports.com/iron_case.html

The QR pedal system is a good idea, we’ve discussed it before. I was tempted to spring for the parts, but they are direct order from Taiwan on Ebay, so any problems with durability are my problems. I also couldn’t find a source for receivers, so I’d have to buy two sets of pedals for each uni, $$$$$$!

White Bros has a QR crank insert system where the QR is built into the crank and allows the use of any pedal, but it’s not ISIS and it only has one hole. The White Bros system would be awesome! http://www.whiteind.com/quick-release-pedal-cranks.html

I would be far more likely to swap pedals if I had QR, as it is I don’t switch pedals often due to the hassle and risks of wearing out threads, esp on non insert Spirits.

It’s sad but my spirits have only one hole seen use