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I have made some improvements to the Unicycling home page and the mailing list
roster. I changed the URL’s on all files from file: to ftp:. This problem kept
people with Mosaic from getting files from the ftp directory. If you have had
trouble getting files through the home page then you will want to try again now.

I also made the roster an html document. As part of this I now use mailto: on
all email addresses, so you can compose and send mail from inside your web
browser (note: this will not work with some versions of Mosaic). I also list
user’s home pages when I know them. I include the most recent roster below. If
you would like me to add you or change your information just let me know. Also,
several people pointed out that the age figures are bound to be wrong within a
year, so if you want let me know some form of your birthdate instead.

Thanks, Beirne

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                      UNICYCLE MAILING LIST ROSTER
                           NOVEMBER 11, 1994


Name: Jim Frinier E-mail: jfrinier@muddcs.hmc.edu or jfrinier@hmc.edu Location:
Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA Phone: (909) 621-8000 ext. 4924

Name: Gonzo Unicycle Madness E-mail: gonzo-unicycle-l@hmc.edu Location: Harvey
Mudd College, Claremont, CA Snail Mail: Unicycle Club Platt Campus Center Harvey
Mudd College Claremont, Ca 91711-5980

Name: John Foss (The Uni-Cyclone) E-Mail: unifoss@cerfnet.com Location:
CA Age: 32

Name: Mark Schecter Email: schecter@netcom.com Phone: 510-482-2094 Location:
Oakland, CA Job: Technical writer Interests: Playing piano and synthesizers,
speed skating, puttering

Name: Robert Herndon E-mail: rh@rh.com, rh@craycos.com Age: 34 Location:
Colorado Springs, CO Occupation: Programmer Hobbies: Juggling, Volleyball,
Flying, Computers

Name: John Butler E-mail: jbutler@gtri.gatech.edu Age: 20 Location: Waycross,
GA, studying at Georgia Tech in Atlanta (U.S.) Job: Computing Support
Representative Other Hobbies: Typography, Bass Guitar, Juggling, Politics

Name: Dennis Kathrens E-mail: d.kathrens@genie.geis.com Age: 38 Location: LeRoy,
KS (out in the boonies, 70 miles south of Topeka) Occupation: Instrumentation
and Process Controls Technician Hobbies: read science fiction, repair just about
anything, bicycling, unicycling.

Name: Tramm Hudson E-mail: hudson@cs.tulane.edu Location: New Orleans, LA at
Tulane University Occupation: Student Home page:

Name: Jerry Carson E-mail: jcarson@mcgh.org or jcarson@ic.net Age: 33 Location:
Detroit, MI Job: Computer Programmer Other Hobbies: Juggling, Golf, Computers

Name: Ken Fuchs E-mail: kfuchs@winternet.com Age: The number won’t fit Location:
Eagan (St. Paul), MN Occupation: Software Engineer

Name: Andy Arhelger E-mail: andya5@aol.com Birthdate: October, 1958 Location:
Rochester, MN Occupation: Electrical Engineer Home page:

Name: Bruce Luhrs Age: 44 Email: luhrs@netcad.enet.dec.com Occupation: Software
Engineer Location: Merrimack, (Southern) NH Other Hobbies: camping, canoeing,
traveling around

Name: John Stimson E-Mail: jjs15@cornell.edu DOB: 7-28-72 Occupation: Applied
Physics Grad Slave Location: Cornell University, Ithaca, NY Hobbies:
listening to weird music, Linux, speaker building, waterskiing, windsurfing,
sailing, hiking…

Name: Dirk Iwema E-mail: iwema_dirk@ae.ge.com Age: 39 Location: Cincinnati, OH
Occupation: Engineer

Name: Beirne Konarski E-mail: bkonarsk@mcs.kent.edu Birthdate: 1959 Location:
Cuyahoga Falls, OH Occupation: Systems Analyst Hobbies: Boomerang, tin whistle,
cross-country skiing

Name: Matt Misbach E-Mail: misbach@wordperfect.com Age: 23 Location: Provo, UT

Name: Bert Neff E-Mail : bneff@melpar.esys.com Age: 26 Location: Leesburg, VA
Occupation: Software Engineer Hobbies: Juggling, Geneology, Air-cooled VW’s, a
little volleyball and Tae Kwon Do.


Name: Julian Orbach E-Mail: julian@cs.uq.oz.au Birthdate: 1970 Location:
Brisbane, Queensland Occupation: Postgraduate Student Hobbies: Juggling


Name: Iain Hibbert E-Mail: plunky@skate.demon.co.uk Age: 28 Location: Bath, UK
Occupation: Clerk Interests: varied, including unicycling, juggling,
skateboarding, reading, computing, model aeroplanes, swimming… not all of which
I get time to do these days.

Name: Richard A Johnson E-mail: richard.a.johnson@reo.mts.dec.com Age: 25
Location Reading, Berks, ENGLAND, UK. Occupation Software Engineer, EDI systems
Hobbies: Skiing, Skiing, Skiing, oh and Skiing.


Name: Rolf Sander E-mail: sander@mpch-mainz.mpg.d400.de Age: 30 City: Monheim,
Germany Job: Development of computer models to predict concentrations of
atmospheric pollutants Hobbies: unicycle hockey, autostereograms, juggling,
bicycling, go

Other ways to find unicyclists:

The Unicycling Society of America(USA) sells a membership roster for $2.50. I
don’t know if you need to be a member to order but it is worth joining in any
case. You can contact them at:

Unicycling Society of America
P.O. Box 40534 Redford, MI 48240

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