Home made Grind plates

I’ve been checking out the Komando plates from Dans Comp but I was wondering if Plexiglass would work just as well a Lexan or metal. with home made metal plates, you have to take the pins off. with a lexan/plexiglass one, you could make little holes for the pins because plates are brobably not verry good for trials. Any suggestions?

Let me help you then :stuck_out_tongue:
I say, don’t make plexi grindplates, the wear out VERY soon and don’t slide that good.
I tried a sort a lexan to and the same about that one.
Make some of metal.


I used plastic cutting board material. And please do a search before making threads. I just did a search for “grind plate” and came up with all this:

Not to mention the tutorial on how to make grind plates on unicycletips.com here

This is all among about 6 other pages full of threads on grind plates.

Anyway, I made mine out of a plastic cutting board as did my cousin. They both work great.

Nice lecture, but none of those threads actually talked about making plexiglass plates.

He asked for suggestions, I gave him suggestions.

I’ve heard that you can grind without plates on Magnesium pedals. Is that true?

uhh magnesium dies when exposed to air
you can grind w/o plates on any pedals w/o pins

pull them pins outta one side, use that to slide:)

i made a bolt on metal grindplate but i dont think it helps much pinless pedals work just as good although the plate makes it weighted so it stays down, but i still manage to catch it up sometimes. i think its just extra weight. ill try tog et pics but i dunno how to post them and all that.

The cutting board works great. It slides well and its cheap. Nuf said.

The thing I don’t get about grind plates is how your pedals can flip over when you do tricks, how would you always land on the side w/o the grindplate?

i found that when I had my pins taken out the pedal would flip to the smooth side to easy, I guess you just can’t win

use cutting board its cheap and you can attach it with zip ties or just melt it with a blow torch and stick it on like longboard slideing gloves

you don’t!
you land it anyways, if you are good :slight_smile: then you do a pedal flip

I’m gonna try that cutting board thing once I get new pedals

How 'bout these?

Will these work good?