Home Depot Trials

I found a Large amount of wooden pallets around back of Home Depot and decided to have some fun… Enjoy!

Nice! You’re really improving. I’ve got a kind of love hate relationship with my pallets. I have six (plus a few other obstacles) which are great to set up around my yard when I don’t want to go anywhere to ride. Now, the bad thing about pallets is that they are all in your head. I can get up 5 pallets (going for height), but when I add anymore I can’t. Now in real trials scenarios I have measured my height and I can get up the height of the six pallets, but at when hopping up the six pallets I can’t do it. Why? Because my mind is seeing six structures instead of one, and it appears to be much higher, therefor my mind pshycs me out into thinking I can’t do it, and then I really can’t do it. At least that’s what I think.

Haha that’s funny! Nice job!
I had the same idea in one of my recent videos. I have a Home Depot across the street and they also have a ton of pallets in the back so I jumped around on their pallets while an employee spyed on me! The first part of this vid is at Home depot! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKInVyymwUA

so that’s where those pallets were, I didn’t have any employees spying on I did have a few curious customers spying on me though… I was going to go over to this place I say with even more pallets (some place that sells gravel) but I couldn’t remeber where it was at, but when I drove past they had about 15 stacks of over 100 or so pallets it was like heaven and those were just how many pallets I could see when driving past I’m sure they had WAY more… I’m going to go back there sometime and ask how much it would cost to buy some.

thanks, and I know what you mean about your brain making you not be able to hop up a certain amount of pallets even though you can really hop that high.

What I like about you is that you are persistent and keep at it! I’m the same way! I noticed also that in some shots, the camera angle changes and you can’t see all the action, then you probably review the playback and notice this, then reset the camera.:smiley:

Thanks, and yeah, I would take a break and review the footage when I got tired and I noticed that I wasn’t getting all the action and I reset the tripod

please go sif !

do you know how to cut clips in half?

I’m working on it… I still can’t ride or hop SIF so I haven’t done much with it… but why learn SIF I can do just fine without it as you can see…

As a matter of fact the video is less than 1/8 as long as the footage I had, I was videoing for 45 minutes… are you trying to be rude?

haha its very eventful, u conquer one part of the line, then the next part u have to hav like 4 attempts then u get it, then u have to get the next part conquered haha, fun video, just a bit too long and gets repetitive…

u have a vast amount of pallets there, u should make heaps of different lines to practice on! i would love to have all of them!

theres on place near me that has like 8 but its near factories and i rekon they would kick me out if they saw me stuffing round with their pallets… some kind of safety issues with them im guessing

thanks yeah I attempted to cut it down as much as possible, and the next time I go I’m going to “borrow” some more pallets from the super high stacks behind me and make a HUGE course. and I won’t have then next video being so long it just ended up being that way, but that’s what happens when I spend the whole day cutting down almost and hour of raw footage.

I bet if you ask them nicely they’d let you take some of those pallets home. If you don’t have space there, stack them up in some random vacant, not in direct sight place. Falling on grass or dirt has less dire consequences physically, also helping w/ the mental side of it.

Terry that was hillarious:D Keep 'em commin:)

There is a higher potential for jumping hight, once you learn how.

Oh and I was going to ask home depot how much it would cost to buy about 20 or 30 pallets, it would probably only cost the amount the deposit on the pallets was for them… if they recycle them

I think for now I’ll stick to seat in… I’ll keepworking on SIF for now though…

no I’m not trying to be rude. I’m sorry if it sounded that way. I was just wondering because at the beginning when you had to get off the pallets and go turn off the camera, I figured you would’ve edited that part out if you knew how to.

same with me i can hop six but when i trie to do the same height on nat trials i cant do it

oh ok, that make ssense now…

Did you ever make it? It looked like you did once but the camera angle cut off the end.