Home built unicycle videos

I’d like to share these videos of people building unicycles from what they have available. It’s easy to get hung up on the latest and best gear and loose sight of the fun that can be had with whats on hand. I wont complain about my unicycle saddle anymore after having seen some of these home made ones.
Please share some more of these videos if you know of any.


Nice home made conversion of bicycle to unicycle.
Just one change I would do.

Swap out that seat clamp. It would totally disintegrate if used by a beginner with continuous falling and twisting of seat. Replace with a standard nimbus “double clamp” , somehow. There’s a double clamp for a reason.

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And my personal favourite: Unicycle with balance handle - YouTube

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I think the point is they are working with what they have and not ordering from unicycle.com.

Not sure what to think of the uni with the balancing pole. Looks like
A Frankenuni, a little scary. I would of liked to see him actually ride it.

As for the off set uni it would be nice to see him riding it after mastering it. I would love to.see him actually shift gears. All of these videos are great , a nice entertaining post.

Not a build video but it is a hand made unicycle from an unusual material.


That one looks to have been purpose built for learning wheelwalking. Look at how high the saddle is. I doubt the kid riding it could have done so using the pedals.

Thats a good point Duff, I didn’t think of that.

Things you notice when you’ve been trying to learn something. My daughter was starting to get wheel walking when she fell right on her tailbone and I haven’t been able to get her to try it since. I’ve only worked on it a little bit myself, (too many other skills that I haven’t quite mastered), but that uniglobe would definitely make learning it easier. .

A long time back there was a fellow on this site called Unibiker who rode a bike without front forks or a wheel. He has sadly passed away.

A guy near me rides a bike without the front wheel (when a Unicyclist met him, who will say WIYOW?!?). He ride 100km or half everesting or ride the most famous “Giro d’Italia” mountain climbs. Simone Temperato (he’s on Youtube for sure) Gallery