Holy Roller Tyre

What does everybody think about the holy roller tyre by maxxis. Just ordered one and want to know what others think about it. Specifically 20" 20 x 2.2

Mikefule had a 26" holy roller and liked it. That probably doesn’t really help much though…


I used to run a set on my BMX, not a bad tyre. I only changed them because I started riding ramp, and the Holy Roller isn’t a great ramp tyre. I have not run them on a unicycle, but the Max Daddy is very similar, and I thought they were ok on unicycle.


I may as well ask this in this thread…

I’m thinking of building a BC wheel with a holy roller 20x2.2 and a 30mm rim or so. Will it be good for a BC wheel? I’m thinking it’ll be good for concrete but then if I ever feel like off rode BC it’ll have grip :P. Also I think i’ll get it because it’s one of the largest 20" tyres around so will be softer to land drops on.

I’m just about to purchase a Holy Roller Tyre as well.

I think it’ll just clear my Nimbus 2 Frame.

Also, it’s 20 by 2.25. I know it’s only 0.005 but still :slight_smile:

I have the MaxxDaddy on one of my 20’’ which is very similar and I enjoy it.

The 26" one is lovely. Fast, steerable, enough grip for cross country.

Ok thanks guys