Holy Roller - Mikefule


You have mentioned how much you like the Holy Roller. I’m thinking of
getting one. I do street and light trail riding on a 24 inch wheel.

I have a DMR Moto Digger at the moment, it’s great off road but on
tarmac is very squirelly, probably due to the knobbles being soft and a
squarish profile.

Do you have this problem with the Holy Roller or does it ride straight
on tarmac, how does it handle road camber. My other consideration would
be a Hookworm 2.5, but that would mean changing tyres every time I go



My Holy Roller is a 26 x 2.4"

Off road, it gives good steering and reasonable grip, and generally inspires confidence.

On road? Well, most of my riding on this tyre is on mud or sand, but I have not noticed a problem on the harder sections. It is certainly 100 times easier to ride than my old Gazzaloddi 2.3" which was virtually unrideable on tarmac.

The cross section is very round, which means a narrow contact patch (for a given pressure) and predictable steering. The grip is blocks rather than knobbles, so there is always plenty of rubber in contact with the ground.

People who jump and hop might find it heavy.

It also lacks that super soft cushioning effect that some tyres have.

Hope that helps.

Thanks. I experimented with tyre pressure (in the dark and sleet last night) and just couldn’t get it right. Too soft and it pulls to one side like crazy, too hard and it’s really twitchy so I think I’ll try the Holy Roller and see how that goes.

After a waiting for the stock to arrive I finally tried a Holy Roller 24x2.4 last night for aboiut 20 minutes.

Excellent on tarmac, no more squirelling around and drifting down the camber of the road. It goes where I point it and I definitley felt more confident and was doing tighter turns and in better control immediately. Hopping felt OK, enough bounce for me doing curbs anyway, I pumped it to medium pressure so I could comfortably compress the tire between my fingers, it felt right first time so I didn’t mess around with the pressure.

I haven’t tried it off road yet, but we have Mikefule’s testimony for that, so I’m as happy as a pig in doodah to have found at last an excellent all rounder for on and off road. I’m now considering getting one for my 26" wheel too for a bit more speed on the way to work.