Holy cow its been a while!

well for those who don’t know me… HI!

for those who do know me… HI!

I believe its time for me to get back in the game and start riding again so I though I should start by getting back on the forums and getting my inspiration bone flowing! hahaha.

is this in the wrong section? do we still have Forum Nazi’s here? :sunglasses:

I remember you from you avatar, but nothing else haha. I think you left pretty much at the same time I really started being here.

Welcome back.

haha i pulled you back in. now go clean that moab mud off and hit the trails

I think its time to spend my tax money on a new trials uni. Im done with the tank I have now.

Every day is a great day for a new uni.

edit: its nice to see people come back to the forums. I dont know you so… HI!


You don’t use an apostrophe for pluralization. Your post should read “Forum Nazis”.

Be a good lad and try not to end up on everyone’s ignore list… again.

Welcome back!

Does maestro8 actually ride?

Better question! Does he actually exist??? oooooooh

Edit: Welcome back aha

Always a semi-troll wherever you go :roll_eyes:

And welcome back :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha I was just talking to Justin Khose about people like maestro8 hahaha thats funny.

oh hey maestro8 instead of spending your time with useless comments why not go waste some time becoming a better rider??

anyways Im glad to be back on the saddle and doing what I love to do!