Hockey Tournaments Manchester, UK. Saturday 10th Feb & 10th March

Sorry Steve, can’t make it to the muni anymore. Bloomin’ BUSA cycling events and other people who can’t drive vans. Bah! The only consolation is that it’s cyclocross so I will still be riding a totally inappropriate cycle.

Unsubtle bump - See you all tomorrow :slight_smile:

Call me a fairweather unicyclist if you must, but is there any forcasting of extreme weather (ie snow) in the Manchester area for tomorrow?

No snow what-so-ever. I live on the opposite side of Manchester to where the hockey will be held and we’ve had no snow at all :angry:

See you all there tomorrow.


We had snow, my ride to work on the Coker yesterday was awesome, I arrived looking like the yeti :smiley: the snow’s all gone now though :frowning:

I’ll see you all tomorrow. Looking forward to another great tournament.


It’s raining here today but my daughter, who works 6 miles inland of here says that it’s snowing there now.

I planned to switch to 29er yesterday about half way to work (where I expected grid lock - it normally happens here). However my car journey was much quicker than normal, so I had plenty of time to ride in the snow near the office :slight_smile:

Today the snow has turned to ice through Swinley Forest (part of my commute:D :smiley: ) which was not fun when riding a bike fitted with semi-slicks :astonished:

See you all tomorrow