Hockey Tournaments Manchester, UK. Saturday 10th Feb & 10th March

The Denton Unicycle Club (DUC) will be holding a couple more hockey tournaments. One on Saturday 10th February and one on 10th March.

This will be held at the same venue as usual. That being…

Egerton Park Community Arts College
Egerton Street
M34 3PB

Saturday 10th Feb

This tournament is for everyone, whether you’re just a beginner or seasoned pro! For the first tournament on the 10th Feb, we’ll be splitting everyone into scratch teams to balance the sides out as best as possible. Nobody will be left out - if you turn up then you’ll be put into a team.

There will be a beginners only game to start things off. Then everyone will be put into scratch teams for the tournament proper.

Saturday 10th March

The second tournament, on the 10th March, will form part of the new hockey league (still being set up) and will be for organised teams only. If you don’t happen to be a member of a team, then not to worry, as we’ll put you into scratch teams. If there’s any time over once all the teams have played each other, then we’ll mix everyone up into scratch teams for more games.

[B]If your team can make it to Manchester, then please reply to this thread as I need to have an idea of numbers. If we struggle to get sufficient team interest, then we’ll resort to scratch teams only (as usual).

For the ones wishing to enter in one of the scratch teams, you don’t need to reply - just turn up on the day.[/B]

Both these tournaments will all take place between 12 noon and 6pm. The cost is going to be £7 for adults and £5 for the under 16’s.

The hall itself is large, perfectly suited for hockey and has a relatively new floor (plastic pedals only). There are shower facilities for the ones that require them.

There will be free tea, coffee and soft drinks throughout the afternoon.

For the ones among you without SatNav, here are the Directions:

From junction 24 on the M60, follow the sign for Denton A57 to the second set of lights (sign posted Audenshaw, Arrow Trading Estate) where you turn left. The road then bends to left and then to the right. After this right bend take the first road on your right into Egerton St. We’re 200m on the right, just after the college main building.

Alternatively, join the M67 at junction 24, turn left at the first exit (junction 1A) and Egerton St is the 3rd turning on the left.

Note: please ensure that you use plastic pedals and NOT metal ones.

We’ll be able to do pick-ups and drop-offs from Stockport station if you’re arriving by train.

If anyone would like to stop over at our place Saturday night, then you’re more than welcome to.

There will be the usual MUni ride the following Sunday mornings. I’ll give details nearer the time for the ones that are not stopping over who may like to come along.

See you all there.

Steve & Stu :smiley:

That’s right in the middle of ski season so I wont commit yet but I expect Bristol should manange a team for the second one.

Re: Hockey Tournaments Manchester, UK. Saturday 10th Feb & 10th March

you can expect at least one EMU team for March too!

nickjb wrote:

> That’s right in the middle of ski season so I wont commit yet but I
> expect Bristol should manange a team for the second one.
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> nickjb
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Can I suggest that notice of hockey tournaments ought to be posted to the uk_unicyclists mailing list as well? I know there are players who subscribe to uk_unicyclists but don’t read rsu.

If you’re not subscribed, you should be able to do so by sending an e-mail to uk_unicyclists-subscribe at

Done. Thanks for that Danny.

Can’t usually trust a word parry says but this time he’s right :slight_smile: We’ll be there hopefully with a goodly number of players in Feb and possibly two teams in March. Looking forward to them both


I should hopefully be there for at least one of these

Not sure which yet

See you then


Regardless of who plays with who on a weekly basis, monthly basis, yearly basis, or who use to live near someone that played hockey once, or who has a granny that lives near somone that knows someone else that knows someone else…, or for anyone who doesn’t know what the hell I’m going on about… :roll_eyes:

…the FIRST of the two hockey tournaments in Manchester will be scratch teams only :stuck_out_tongue: You can turn up with your chosen team of course…, then we’ll do our best to split you into different teams for the tournament.

The SECOND tournament in Manchester (10th March) will be for the people in teams already. If you’re not a member of a team when you arrive, you’ll be a member of a scratch team when you leave and you would have played as many games as everyone else.

Hey…, was Mr Parry having a jibe at my age on the other thread? I can’t imagine he was just looking after my best interests and for people like myself without a team to play for? Hmmm…:stuck_out_tongue:

See you all there.
Steve & Bald Stu

Sorry, it’s Parry. He was meaning to be deeply offensive.

Why not try for revenge in february? A month is plenty of time for his injuries to heal before the team tournament.:smiley:

On a less scheming note, I’ll be there for the hockey and if there is a muni ride, count me in.


Looking forward to seeing you there John. Doesn’t Mr Parry realise I’m the one who sorts the teams out ;). Wouldn’t it be a shame if he just happened to be in a team with 4 beginers? Yes I know… it would be a shame for the 4 beginers :smiley: .

Not decided where to go on MUni ride yet - but maybe go up to Rivington.

See you all before then in Derby.


looks like were trying to get a swum team together and i think we’ve managed it no final plans yet

Would be great if you could make it. There’s floor space for you all if you want to stop over. You could all come on the MUni ride Sunday morning as well if you’re up for it.

Hope to see you there.

I hope that you’re not letting the teasm selection duties go to your head :slight_smile: the problem is that the jury is still out on whether its better and/or safer for Andy “the SUBmariner” Parry to be on your team or on the opposition he has at times shown complete disregard for team memebership as he goes about his job of dispensing “justice” :slight_smile:


Rivington sounds good for a Muni, I used to go up there a lot walking/climbing

Hope to be there for both hockey and muni

see you in derby in 9 days time


Nearly time for more hockey :smiley:

Re: Hockey Tournaments Manchester, UK. Saturday 10th Feb & 10th March

you be careful Steve, i know you’re knocking on a bit and this kind of
heavy and obvious bumping could cause a gentleman of your age to
suffer quite an injury.

would love to see you at the Feb tournament but i’m buggering off to
Hong Kong and Japan :slight_smile:
will see ya in March

On Jan 30, 12:19 pm, steve.colligan
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> Nearly time for more hockey :smiley:
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> steve.colligan
> Once is NEVER enough!
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Funny boy.

Wot? You EMU’s on some kind of world tour?:stuck_out_tongue:
Gee, I hope your flight isn’t toooo long and toooo boring and toooo cramped!!
I trust you’ll be taking your uni of course.

Have a good time and we’ll see you in March.

They definitely play hockey in Hong Kong, a few months back some of the Singapore riders flew over for a match. Japan obviously has even more riders, you’d better be taking a wheel :smiley:


Just a quick reminder for everyone that this is this coming weekend.

Not sure if I can make it at the minute but i will do my best to be there.

Have fun those that make it


There will be a muni ride the morning after this Saturdays hockey tournament, for anyone that would like to come along. We’ll be meeting at the first carpark you come across on the road from Horwich to Rivington (about 1/2 mile up Lever Park Avenue on the left hand side).

Time 9.30am (sorry it’s an early one). The ride will last about 2.5 hours and will be fairly strenuous in parts (but not too much).:smiley:

Even if you can’t make it to the hockey, try and make it to Rivington Sunday morning.