Hockey stick help

Our kids love to play uni-hockey during our club meetings but we’re having a terrible problem with the sticks marking the floor. We’ve tried different types of tape on the bottom edge of the blades but all tape wears through in almost no time. It’s frustrating to have to stop the game to retape not to mention the layers of tape and residue that are building up on the blades.

The gym floor is an old varnished wood floor (TCUC, the same gym we played in at Regionals) and the marks can be buffed out but not without undo effort on the part of the school janitorial staff. I’m not sure if all school janitors are as cranky as ours but ours are some of the crankiest. I worry about complaints from them that will jeopardize our use of the facility.

Any suggestions?


No theory behind this one, just a thought. Try taping a sock over the end of the stick. The janitors would love it if you let them use mops instead of sticks.

What type of blades are on the sticks? We use to use fiberglass without any tape for floor hockey or maybe the old stand by ‘super blade’ would be ok.

Re: Hockey stick help

Are you using proper skate hockey stick tape? If you’re taping up sticks with a decent stick tape, they should last a lot longer than one game, especially indoors. Stick tape is available from your local rollerblade shop or on the web. Get it in white for non-markingness and wrap it really really tight round the head for stickingon-ness.


Hockey sticks

Check your local sporting goods store for Roller Hockey Sticks. We have been using roller hockey sticks on wood floors fro years without any problems. Easton and other companies make plastic street hockey and roller hockey blades that are completely plastic or carbon fibre. These work great and they improve stick handling because they slide on the floor way better. Hope this helps.

Hi, Bruce.

I don’t have the answer. But I hope the suggestions from others are helping.

I just wanted to mention how important it is to keep the custodians happy.

I sometimes bring treats for them, and we always chat with them. So far, I’ve met one custodian and one security guy so interested that they’ve come in on their breaks to try to learn to ride. Most custodians (not all) are friendly.

As you mentioned, if the custodians are unhappy with your group, they will eventually get you kicked out.

If you have to take a break from hockey until you solve the problem, I suggest Noodle Croquet. It’s easier so more riders can participate, and it keeps everybody riding and having fun without leaving marks on the floor. We played it at NAUCC 2003. I can send the directions if you want. It involves using the big foam pool noodles as “hockey sticks.”

Good luck. Say hi to the Uni University folks for me!


What Carol said was great. I spend a lot of time chatting with the security guards and groundskeepers at the local high school, not to mention the scores of walkers. I also have spent lots of time letting people try the unis. So I’m always welcome to ride there. It’s like an investment.

I have a tool wrapped with hockey tape and it tends to leave behind glue residue pretty easily.