Anyone recomend a Zephyr , Ive started unicycling about 4 months ago or so?? well i have a zephyr 20 and a avenir 24 love them both , im still on level 4 i can do 4 types of mounts , ride backword for 10m , ride 1 footed for 10m , and make sharp 360 degree turn to the left and right… still need to idle with left/right 25 times… also ride with seat out front and back for 10m. I can go down about 5-6 stairs and hop about 78 times my record so far. anyone think this is ok pace?? just wondering if im doing ok so far or not. any ideas what i should try to work ok? Thanks alot


I’d say that’s around my progress (i did more trials stuff though, and less freestyle) but about equal as far as difficulty goes. If i were you, get down seat-out front riding, and try some trials stuff. it’s lots of fun!



i will try it thx:p