i’m jacob.

i ride the unicycle like all the time.

i’m homeschooled.

i ride a uni made by sun with a 200mm seatpost and a 18 in. tire.


i can jump in place(on the uni)about 50 times…then i get tired.uhhh…

my tricks are:

ride backwords,jump on to curbs,idle,seat ride oh ya!!!,90 degree jump to either side maybe more,ride without sitting on the seat,and i think thats…it no wait,do a 180 uni mount,(put one foot on spin then

oh ya,i’m left footed,but i can mount with my right.

my next unicycle is going to be a nimbus II freestyle uni(flippen sweet!)
the uni after that i think will be a muni of some sort…idk…


im right footed and can only mount with my left foot.

Heeeey. I’m Mark, nice to meet you on here Jacob. I went to a state-run school in the UK - in the states you’d call it a public school (over here “public school” means something else, because we’re crazy like that). I’ve been living in Cambridge for the past 7 years (eek!) and this is where I learnt to unicycle.

Sounds like you’re coming along nicely :slight_smile: I do a lot of distance riding but haven’t always worked very hard on my skills; I’m just about able to do all those things but my backwards riding still isn’t very good.

I’ve not done this 180 uni mount though.

I really favour mounting with my left foot, haven’t practiced with the right. It’s much better to practice moves with both because then you’re more versatile (e.g. being able to hop with either foot forward makes it easier to transition to hopping if you need to).

Muni is awesome and (depending on what you choose) you might be able to go faster on it too. Another fun thing to play with is your crank lengths - you need some tools to change cranks and it’s a bit fiddly (a local bike shop could do it tho) but it can be quite helpful. Shorter cranks will (up to a point) probably make you go faster, but are harder to control.

Have fun uni-ing :slight_smile: If you ever make any videos you could post them on here or in the videos forum. It’s good to watch what other people are doing too. Ride within your limits though - some people do some pretty dangerous stuff :wink: Good luck!

Welcome, im homeschooled too.

Me three:D

are we going anywhere with this thread…

only if we can find a 16 year old who is also homeschooled and unicycles…

thats pretty hard to come by…anyone from crossville tennessee???

if heelnipper were a girl and had posted a picture of himself (really herself in this hypothetical), this thread would be 50 pages long.

cough veronica farren cough

and she would quit the forums in disgust and be freaked out forever.

i’m 15…
welcome to the forums!

how old is forrest?


forrest dosen’t ride anymore…doess he???besides i can ride circles around him.

dudes!!! i just nailed the one foot ride and one foot idle today!!!

:astonished: Congrats my friend, what’s next on your list of tricks to learn? :astonished:

ummmmm…weelwalk…then gliding…and i think i’ll work on myhops after that.

can you get the link to her profile please? i’ve heard her name before.



lololololololol hahaha