History of Extreme Unicycling

its unisk8r!

On old penny farthings if you hit a bump the back wheel would lift up, and you’d have to balance on the front wheel, and some genius came up with the innovation of taking the back wheel off, and making a unicycle.

It’s funny how many people think it is novel or new to add a handlebar, adjustable cranks, or a shock to a unicycle. But, in reality, it has been done long before anyone re-thought it up. Here’s some pictures a friend of mine in Italy sent me.

Actually the successful genius was the guy who came up with the innovation of putting the little wheel in front. In other words, he made money on the idea. The other guy, if there was actually a first guy to take his frame/wheel off, was instead rewarded as the first guy to get asked “Where’s your other wheel?” :slight_smile:

haha yea…

Thanks corbin!! that is so cool! All I am missing is a “spring seat”.

We can discuss over a beer or three in Nova Scotia… It’s not a question of when there will be an issue 5, but if you’re quick enough for it :slight_smile:

Hey Corban

Hey Corban,
What an amazing photo. I have been working on developing wooden spokes lately:)