Historic Peavine Trail

Taking a lazy ride on the Peavine Trail by Watson Lake. An old railroad bed outside Prescott that’s carved into Massive Granite boulders.

Peavine Trail to Watson Lake


Absolute amazing scenery you have there….very jealous!

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It’s lovely right now as the monsoons are in full swing! Everything is green!

A few more pics from the Peavine Trail. This time we went to the Iron King Trail junction and a few miles past. Preston is role playing the conductor on the ore car, these were transformed into people haulers for the mine workers.
Having loads of fun making people :blush:.


I’m finding that training on somewhat level ground works for me right now. The Historic Peavine trail provides that.
Today I traveled to the western end of the Peavine in Highland Pines, aka The Javelina Trail, just east of Prescott.
It’s Monsoon season and the forest has received more than 15” of rain so far in 2022.
I’m taking advantage and foraging for Mushrooms as I make my way through the higher elevations.


Enjoy some of our beautiful scenery, it’s off the charts now!

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