hip pads for muni?

Has anyone had any experience with wearing hip pads for muni? My hips are the one unprotected part of my body that I seem to hit the most often when I do muni.

These Fox Launch Shorts look pretty nice, although a little pricey.

A bicycling friend recommended that I get pads for (American) football and stuff them in my shorts. Do you think they would move around too much? I have zero experience with football pads.

Any recommendations?

If you get hip pads, make sure you don’t get any with tailbone protection. they feel really weird when on a uni.

Forget those, get these! http://afterburnermx.com/itemdetails.cfm?catalogId=47&id=967

I wear UnderArmour with thin pads in the hips under my bike shorts. They are comfy and don’t get in the way. Not a lot of protection but some.

I bought a pair of those a few months ago thinking they would be ideal for muni.

I’ll admit that I’ve not actually used them for muni yet, so only have road experience in them, however, I can quite honestly say that all 3 times I’ve worn them, they are the most uncomfortable things I have ever worn.

I think the problem is that the foam is way too hard, so where it’s segmented ‘giraffe-skin stylee’ it tends to make up for the lack of curvature by pinching. And some of those pinches really aren’t very comfortable at all.

I’ve not tried any other hip protection though, so despite them being totally awful, they are the best I’ve come across! Personally I’d just suggest not landing on your hips whenever you come off :smiley: