Hilly Hundred in Bloomington, Indiana

I plan on doing the Hilly Hundred cycling tour/festival on my 36" this year, but unfortunately I’m having trouble finding a ride.

This is just a shot in the dark, but is there a possibility that anyone on here happens to be going to the same event, will be passing through/anywhere near West Lafayette, IN, and will have room for at least a 36" and a 29" unicycle?

I really want to do this, but finding ride isn’t looking too great. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

For the record, we got a ride there and completed the whole course. The only other person to unicycle it did so way back in 1981, so out of the 39 years the event has been happening we were the second and third people to do it and the first people to do it in tandem


2007 hilly

Just a heads up on this tour. We’re doing it again this year on Oct 13 and 14 2007and anyone in the area that would like to join us please PM either Joseppi or myself (LikeableRodent has left us for 3 years to Japan) and we can get in touch for the ride. We have transportation this year and proper vehicle support/camping equipment but we are looking for additional riders to join us :slight_smile:

We are getting ready to register for this event. If you’re in this area and would like to ride with our team, please contact us through http://silentaftermath.com

happy riding

I was at the Tour de Cure in GA today, and one of the volunteers was telling me they did this ride in 2007 and they saw a uni on the ride. They mentioned they were amazed at how well you climbed the hills. I figured it was somebody from this forum. :smiley: So even without the forum, stories of your exploits traveled all the way to GA.