Hills in Northeast Florida

There are several challenges/ limitations to unicycling around most areas of Florida:

too much sand
too soft muni (especially around swampy areas)

Around the Jacksonville/ St. Augustine area the only rideable hills I know of are

  1. the Main Street Bridge (medium hill)
  2. the Acosta Bridge (more challenging but doable for me)
  3. the foot path that takes you from the tower near the landing over the railroad tracks. I’ve gone up the tower levels and down the hill over the tracks but haven’t tried going up the hill towards the tower.
  4. Hanna Park has some hills on the trails. I haven’t been there in awhile so I’ll bet I can ride the trails a lot better than before.
  5. The temporary Bridge of Lions. (medium hill)

Anyone familiar with this area have any suggestions for other hills? Especially off road hills? If not… where would be the best/ closest place to travel to? Perhaps someone knows of some places in Georgia near the Florida border.

I’m not expecting any hills as great as this Baldwin Street again...The Worlds Steepest Street
Anything more than FLAT is considered a hill to me. :wink: