Hillbilly wrist guards sizes -- do they run small?

I just received my Hillbilly half-finger wrist guards in size Large. My middle finger is 3 1/8" long and according to the chart on Amazon dot com that would be on the lower end of the range for Large. When I got them I can barely squeeze my hand into them. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Should I expect them to stretch a bit and be easier to use or should I get a larger size?


I actually used a different sizing technique. The wrap around the knuckle.


My knuckle area is almost an 8 and I got a medium. Some people would opt for a size up just in case, but I got it on a sale price for medium. When I got it, it felt a tad bit tight but thankfully I think the gloves stretched a bit and now it feels pretty good.

Is it a painful fit? If it is then it’s best to either save it if you know someone with a smaller hand that might find it useful or send it back for a bigger size. I think if it’s a tight fit, it should get better after you wear it in (think that’s the term).

My middle finger is 3.25" and I use a large in the Hillbiilly gloves for half and full finger. I don’t have a problem with the fitting, however, I wouldn’t mind longer straps to wrap the guard around my wrist.

The fit is not painful so I think I’ll give them some time to wear in and stretch a bit. I do like the gloves and I believe they would have prevented the light wrist injury I got when I took a backward spill off the uni. If they don’t come good I’ll just put them away for a while until my son can wear them. The way he is growing it wouldn’t be long.

Thanks for the comments.

My fingerless gloves were at least one size too BIG.

Mine were fine for length but somewhat tight at first, the thumbs particularly. (Full-finger gloves btw.) My thumbs are pretty chunky. I don’t notice it any more so the gloves must have stretched a little. I’m happy with them.