hillbilly gloves

been reading some of the reviews dont know weather to get full finger or half i have quite wide hands and short fingers can only get online so carnt try them on any advice would be great

Short fingers fit true to size, even fat hands should fit fine as the back of the gloves are stretch.

Long fingers fit big and long, go down one size.

I have both style, rarely use the long fingers. Short fingers are cooler, grip fine, less cumbersome, and still very supportive with a single side splint.

For winter use I wear the short fingers until it gets cold enough that my fingers start getting numb, then I throw a nylon mitten shell over them and that keeps everything toasty.

thanks ben short fingers it is then

been looking for sizes my hands are 10" round and 8"from tip of middle finger to wrist guna go fingerless do you think L or XL

My hand is 9" around above the thumb and 8" from finger tip to wrist. I have the old brown gloves in a large size. They fit fine in the hand and there is some extra room, so that should not be a problem for you. I find that the wrist strap is shorter than I would like, but I would not go up a size to get the longer one.

I understand the that current version (grey or black?) may be slightly larger. If that is the case I would definitely recommend a large rather than an extra larger.


thanks scott ill get the large might have to be the brown ones we dont seem to get the latest stuff in the uk

Robi, we have about the same sized hands, your middle finger may be a tad (1/4") longer than mind depending where you’re measuring, but our hand thickness is about the same.

The original “brown” Hillbillys fit smaller, so an XL in those short finger or long finger would fit. In the new “black” version, go XL in the short finger or L in the long finger. If you are unsure about getting a L in the longer finger, then just get the XL, it’s not that big, just bigger than a typical XL glove.

The new black Hillbilly gloves are better built.

For reference, I wear an XL in all gloves and mitts.

nice one ben ill hold out for the black ones

I have short fingers and going by a palm circumference like most purchasing guides suggest I would take a large, but I usually get a medium because of the fingers and I like a snug fit.

I got these fingerless in a Med. and they fit loose like a large on the big side. Also the thumb extention is made too far back causing pain in my thumb’s webbing. So I cut a slit there, then it fit close to perfect except that it was even more loose.

I’d get them again, but a size down from my normal medium, and do that mod since I don’t know of anyone else who makes gloves w/ braces.

-I had a pair of KH Pulses, the red ones, but to get a decent amount of protection I had to get the wrist strap too tight for me (I preffer a stiff brace and keep the strap kind of loose).

at last they have come i got the black short finger XL glad i dint get smaller size just fit nice a bit tight on the way in but ok on they seem good qualaty guna have to get used to the bent wrist piece they seem strange when on and im thinkin does the end stick in your arm when you fall off

Yeah, they totally stick in my arm, so I had my arm surgically altered to make them fit better :smiley:

ill have to get booked in the docs for my arms sorting out :smiley:

Anyone using the Hillbilly gloves not get dark gray hands after sweating? This black leather bleeds something awful.

I do not have Hillbillies but I got the same thing with a pair of bike gloves that let some of the pigments go under very wet circumstances (very hot ride and hand cleaning).

It is annoying but not toxic AFAIK.

Mine don’t bleed. They’re ~2.5 years old and have been used in hot, cold and wet.

Yes they do a little bit

They will stop bleeding soon enough.

My hands used to turn blue but they are fantastic gloves I love them

Mine actually stopped bleeding after I threw it in the wash…thinking about getting a larger pair so I can use a glove liner for winter rides…great protection on these gloves

How do the KH gloves compare?