Highest seat in hop

How high is it? I think I might be pretty close I did 34" today. I did it a few times so it wasn’t a fluke.

Well, Zack Baldwin and Ryan Atkins have both done over 110cm, which is around 43" I believe. So keep trying.

Yeah, thats sif though.

Do you mean si sidehop or si rolling? A 34" si side hop is really big, I don’t know the record though.

Yes, rolling hop seat in at least 40" if not more has been done.

Damn:( ya it was seat in rolling.

you can hop pretyt high. I need to work on my rolling hops more.

Wow…This thread hasnt been started 50 times before… Great idea!

Xavier can do insanly high rolling hops, iv seen him stand next to a stack of pallets that he roll hoped up and it was at his ribs. I bet he can do 45"

Joe Hodges can jump high Seat in, not sure how high though, for I have forgotten the height.

You’re 13, joined unicyclist.com last month and you can hop 34"? I find that hard to believe but nothing’s impossible I guess, any chance of getting that on vid?



His seat in side hop was 92cm.


shaun has 1 huge rolling hop I think it was aroiund 110cm but I cant back it up.

Shauns hop was 107Cm and its in his Macht Nada vid which resides in Maxs gallery.

yehh lol there 107 I think its the highest roll hop is it ?

…I think that maybe Xav has gotten higher…But 107 ,is pretty friggen hude!

Yeah, go to www.xaviercollos.com and go to videos, then go down to the high rolling hop one. I can’t remember what the hight is on it though…

Thats just 1m so 100cm

Oh yeah, plus it was over a year ago. April 2005!

Yeah…Id say he could do alot better now. Plus that clip was at night…So id venture to guess he’d been ridiing all day there fore he would be tired…

Wait a minute, your 13 and can hop 34"??
Did you measure it?
How tall are you?
Thats pretty insane.