Higher Jumps...#2

I realize that many of you came here hoping for another video…sorry, im not that good like him. But i need help, i already read all the forums and attempted to watch the videos explaining it but my computers too slow for the vids and i need just the small things now, details…such as…

Pedal placement on my feet (heel, arch, toes, balls), usual seat hight in relation to my body while standing next to the uni, and anything else that is important like when to pull up how much of a lead i need, everything…anyone who helps, thank you for your help and sorry about my incompetence.

Re: Higher Jumps…#2

Can I ask how fast your computer is? Computer speed helps, especially when trying to make a great video, but my old computer that I have done all my video work with is only a 700 PIII so obviously it didn’t do a bad job. Just look at what it can produce!!


Oh, and did you by chance stop into THe Bike Shack back in Dubuque, IA and talk to a fella named Phillip??? I am from Dubuque, and as far as I can remember am the only Mountain Unicyclist from the area currently. If this is, and you need help learning, let me know by email. lilschu@unicyclist.com