high jump rec

what is your high jump record?
mine is 71cm seat out…

i got my new record today. i did about 50-55cm

102cm rolling hop.

the word record is by 95cm:D

my highest jump was 22cm

sorry that i speak english don´t very well

60 cm with 24" and seat under my butt.

Peter M

Mine’s seventy something, i haven’t measured for a while now but i’ve been getting better. Is there anyone in the world who can crack a metre with BOTH techniques - static and rolling?

no the world record is by 98cm over bar :wink:

my highest is about 70cm over bar and 72-75cm on palets i think

Are you sure it’s 98cm over a bar? If it is it won’t be much longer. That’s a really, kinda, lower height for a world record. Interesting.

-Shaun Johanneson

P.S. englisch ist so besonders nicht. Du musst es nicht wissen Einradnoob.

89cm…for now!

my rec. is 75 seat out

@Shaun I saw it at Unicon 13!
Have a look at the results at www.unicon13.ch

Zack baldwin has jumped a meter over a bar. I think the record height onto something was 107-108cm, something like that.

I won the 06 NAUCC high jump at 71.4 centimeters rolling hop over a bar. I can rolling hop 31 inches onto a solid object though.

I don’t practice for hight SIF. I have no idea how high I can get on that, probablly somewere around 26-28 inches, maybe.

I can hop SIF much higher than I can rolling hop. I’d say my SIF record is about 22ish inches (55cm), while my rolling hop record is probably closer to 10 inches (25cm).