High hopping techniques

I was wondering what everyone’s feel is for when your reaching your max hopping height, and you need that extra inch.

I started off by tucking the wheel back behind me, but then, under extreme hops, it would hit me in the behind and i couldn’t stand back up once on top of the object.

Then i tried to move the uni out to side, on an angle, but i couldn’t get as high, so now i’ve settled on a combination of both.

What are your feelings on this, and how high (about) can you hop?

oh, and do you reach higher heights over a high-jump bar, or onto things?

oh, and as for my stats, about 83cm onto things and 85cm over a bar.


I tend to take the uni out to the side and push it out in front a bit so that the wheel travels as vertically as possible.
My hopping is a little higher over a bar too - I think that’s due to the difficulty of landing when you’re tucked right up.
I think physical strength is as much a limiting factor as anything - if you’re not doing it then a pre-hop and experimenting with tyre pressures will get you a bit more height.

Because I’m a newbe to doing any jumping with seat in front take what I have to say with a grain of rice. I personally find it easier to do the combination of bringing the Uni up to your side and under your ass. I have the same problem you do when I bring the uni completly under me where I get too far behind the landing. I think your compression of your tire either by pre hop or by just stomping it is by far the most importain thing in getting big air.

As far as my stats Seat in front I can get about 45-55 cm Seat in with seat lowered 55-60 Looking to break the 76cm mark (2.5 feet) in the next few months :slight_smile:

I tend to put my uni more to the side than anything. And when jumping over the bar, i sometimes hit it on the way up. I can jump higher if i experiment with my pre-hop and the spot in which i take-off, to try and get my peak height right on top of the bar.