Hidden Fields - A Trials-Riding Heaven

I found a “Hidden” field on the far side of my campus. It was an old football field/tennis court, now filled with construction supplies (pallets, cynderblocks, etc.). I’m not too good at unicycling yet. But I certainly set a personal record with a 5 pallet hop. I’ll probably be ready for 6 the next time I go out there.

As always, comments are appreciated :slight_smile:

-Sorry for the really long building scenes in fast-motion…I tried to shorten them but things got all screwed up, so I left it as it was.

That was cool. My record is 4 palets, but I did that a while ago, maby its time to go for 5.

btw, how is your 360 unispin coming?

I saw the “powered by UNICYCLE.com” bumper sticker on your desk!!


You definitely struck gold at that spot, bud. I just picked up 4 pallets yesturday! Someone on my street ordered mulch or something like that and they were tossing the pallets on garbage day. I picked 'em. I’m stoked. I’m going to ride now.

Thanks :slight_smile:
I’m not sure. I think they are the same size pallets that I typically see. I’ll measure them tomorrow.

Go for it! I didn’t think there was a chance in hell i’d even make 5…but I have a feeling I could do six now.

Haha yea, I just got that sticker :slight_smile:

how high is 1 pallet?

I really couldn’t tell you. Is it possible that they are about 5inches?

very nice video. It looks like you could jump a lot higher if you stuck the unicycle under you more. I wish I had a place like that where I live.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yea, I realize I need to work on my form a little.

The funny thing is…before this video, I’d never really tried hopping high with the sif.

Standard wood pallet

Oh thanks!

Sweet, I thought they looked to be about 5 inches.

That means My highest hop in that video was 25 inches.

I’m gunna go for 6 pallets the next time I head over there. :slight_smile:

That may be “standard” but size will vary. I’ve read heer one guy has pallets in heights of 5, 6, & 7". So bring a ruler or better, yet a tape measure next time:)

Yea good idea. It would be nice if 6 pallets was 30". I feel like I could get that with a day of practice.

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