I have been uncycling for about two months now and getting the hang of free mounting and riding. So I decided to join unicyclist.com!!:slight_smile: so I could ask questions and learn more stuff!!

Hello and welcome.

We are a good community. Feel free to ask questions, but try to use the search feature before you do.

One more of us, one less of them(gotcha, Gild).

hello. i hope you didnt think that you had to be able to ride to join. cos you dont
welcome my friend.
what is your name?
I’m Reef.

Hawo there, my name is harry a.k.a Hazmat, i’m a very helpful person as many people will agree on this forum. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Welcome to the forums my friend, if you have any questions feel free to ask me or anyone else who will help as best they can. :smiley:

Have fun and good luck with the unicycling
Your new friend

You’re 9? AWESOME! Start 'em young!

Welcome to unicycling and the forums. I am one of the many old guys that hang around here.

I see you are from Ohio. It would not be real far for you to visit NAUCC in Michigan this summer.

cool a new ridder :slight_smile: Have fun doing one of the best sports known to me.

[QUOTE=what is your name? [/QUOTE]

My name is Katie. Thanks for the warm welcome!!:smiley:

Hey katie! Welcome to unicycling. You have much better typing skills than a good amount of teenagers here. :slight_smile: