Hi there, Canoeheadted from Burns Lake, British Columbia, Canada

What’s your name?.. Ted.
Canoeheadted is my street name (said with arms crossed with a big shrug).

Where do you come from?..
Born, bred, and hopefully die in beautiful BC.

What is your experience of unicycling?..
I started unicycling at 44 years to strengthen my always failing back (and it worked!) and now I would never dream of going without.
I started on a Nimbus 20", next was a 26" Nimbus II, then a 29" Nimbus Oracle.
Those are all gone now and my main rides are a KH29 and KH36 that I use to fly through the forests of our local bike park and many others throughout BC.
A Hatchet may be next for the long winters here. (though my KH29 with the 3 1/4" Crux comes close)

I’ll preach to anyone that will listen that unicycling will change your life.
I love the flowing feeling of flying on the trails. It’s magic when it all clicks.
It reminds me of that feeling you get in a dream when you can fly with your arms out to the side.
Anyone else ever get that?

Anyways… An invite to anyone that may be near Burns Lake to stop in and let me take you for a tour.
We have Boer Mountain Bike Park that has close to 100kms of every type of trail you can imagine to ride, hike, snowshoe, or ski.
The bike park has a lake, free campsites, and is suitable for all levels of riders. Look up rideburns.ca
I can guarantee that you would not be disappointed.

A canoe trip could also be arranged of course.

So thanks for reading and “Hi” from BC.


Welcome! It’s great to hear that there are others who took up unicycling to fix their backs. For me it worked, too. This summer I went on a 3 week bicycle trip and somewhere in the middle my back started telling me that it misses unicycling… So I guess I have to look into unicycle touring.

Hello from southern BC, Ted! :slight_smile:

I like BC too!.. first discovered to take advantage of the drinking age of 19 vs 21 here in the US a long time ago, but also, it’s nice up there too… Lake Cultus, Oliver, and Penticton to name a few places. ( I have extended family in the last 2, plus up in Edmonton)
Also Extra 7 BC cider is awesome too, most people in the US have no idea what they’re missing!
I first stumbled across muni videos from BC guys somehow that inspired me to want to learn uni, but figured it was way over my head. Like this one:

6 or so years later, i finally dived in. here I am, barely able to ride but trying. An electric unicycle was my first one wheeled vehicle and it got me hooked on one wheel riding so I got a “real” unicycle next.
Some day I hope to muni… First, freemounting!

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Hey Ted

It’s funny, for some reason I figured you were in your late twenties.

If I ever get out to your neck of the woods I’d love to take you up on that offer of a ride, my parents have a cabin on Francois Lake but I’ve only been there a couple times a few years ago.

And you are absolutely right about the wonders unicycling can do to a vulnerable back.:beers:

This is a welcome bit of Information, my lower back bothers me some times. So far the best help for it has been an inversion table, but it is cumbersome to dig out and use regularly (especially if your back hurts).
So far, the unicycle has only aggravated it from awkward dismounts while trying to freemount, but once I get past that phase, it’s good to know it might be really helpful.

When my back is healthy I know that the dynamic exercise that it gets from unicycling helps strengthen it and keep it healthy, but if I’m seized up it can absolutely make it worse.

It’s definitely a balancing act :wink:

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Thanks for the welcomes everyone.

God, I hope people can come close to understanding my “off” sense of humour. (arms crossed gangster reference!)
I’ve put a lot of information down on another forum call Canadian Canoe Routes (myccr.com) as Canoeheadted.
Look that up too.

Ryan’s videos are an inspiration to me as well, and of course Mr. Holm is my Jesus.

Steve, keep it up for the back and start using the inversion table on a regular basis when you’re not hurt.
We have one in our sunroom.
Sport or rock climbing might be something you could try to help that back too.

The big 50 is coming in a couple of months… hence all the talk about my new Hatchet!

Everyone have a great day!

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I have really gotta make it up there with my bikes someday… but not before I get this MUNI thing figured out so I can haz all the fun on rolling rubber.

Bring 'em both and give me a shout when you do.


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