hi im new

hi guys. you have a nice forum here and i have a ? for you. i bought a uni and i can ride it but the peddle came loose. what shoud i do?

Hey! Welcome.

My suggestion is to tighten your pedal

For future questions, might I suggest you use the forum search feature. You will find that many, many questions have already been answered in great detail here.

Also, be sure to search for “pedal” as well as “peddle”. Consult a dictionary if you’re confused about this detail.

Yes, searching will save you lots of trouble as almost all subjects of unicycling have been discussed before.

Besides tightening the pedals back up (Possibly use a low-grade locktite), also check that when you are riding, that the right crank and pedal are on your right side, and left is on the left.

ok i’ll search

I’m pretty new here myself but knew about search so I have avoided Maestro’s “kind suggestions” so far :slight_smile:

What kind of uni do you have post pics

Did the pedal break or did it come unscrewed? If it came unscrewed then you have the pedals on the wrong sides. The left pedal is threaded backwards and must be on the left side, otherwise the pedals will come loose. If you have the left pedal on the right (and the right pedal on the left) they will loosen and unscrew themselves as you ride.

my uni doesnt really have a brandname on it and i don’t have a camera right now sry.