Hi I'm Nathan Hoover

I’ve been on the old forum since 2001 and unicycling since 1997. I mostly ride geared 36, on and off road, but in the last 18 months I’ve switched most of my riding to bicycle. I still love unicycling and just a week ago did the 18th annual Unicycle Tour of San Francisco. Hi to all my uni-friends all over the world!


Get him!


Welcome back nathan!
Out of curiosity, what made you switch to bicycling?

^^^ Oooo Look at all that yellow :wink:

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Did the forum exist in 2001 or was it still a newsgroup back then? That had to be right around the start

I don’t remember when Gilby set up the forum/newsgroup gateway. Might have been 2001 and we were newsgroup-only before that.

As for biking, I signed up for a 4 1/2 month bike tour of South America for 2019, thinking to do it on uni. The tour company agreed. But when I thought about it more, I decided it was too hard for me. It was 100km, 1000m climb average days for so long. Lots of days were over 150km or 2000m climbing and we rode to nearly 5000m elevation. I was 60 that year and wanted to have fun rather than make it a death march. So I bought a bike and found I loved it. The tour was awesome, especially the timing getting home in Jan this year just before covid. Here’s the story if you’re interested https://nathanhoover.blog/south-america-2019/


Nice blog, looks like a spectacular place to ride!

Bicyclists are people too…

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Welcome @nathan! Don’t feel bad, I also ride my bicycles more than my unicycles (at least with regard to distance covered).

I only ride for the fun of it. When it is cold or raining I take the car to work even if it is only 7km. In the weekends I do the unicycling, and it has been several years that I last touched a two-wheeler.

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