Hi from Sydney Australia

What’s your name?
Linda Gock

Where do you come from?
Sydney Australia

What is your experience of unicycling?
I got into Unicycling from attending a NAIDOC/First people’s event near my work in Parramatta Sydney in July 2017.
One of the tents was for encouraging people to bike ride/learn to bike ride and the lady at the stand (Charlene) said they also have a Unicycling group.

As this was right near my work, I decided to join. Anyway, it took me a while to learn because I was using someone else’s uni only 1 short session per week. Once I started taking it home, and using it near a railing, I got it pretty quickly, maybe in less than 2 hours. That uni had a loose crank so it wasn’t great, but it got me on my way.

Anyway, that club mostly does hockey, which isn’t my favourite, but I do like to ride, go on trails, do scenic stuff, challenge myself on more difficult terrain.
My highlight of Unicycling would be that I went to Denmark on a event organised by Katrine Jensen, we rode around in Denmark for a week and camped in August 2019.

I would have gone to Unicon in France 2020 but Covid happened….
If it happens in 2022 I plan to go as long as the Australian Government lets us go :slight_smile:
I entered a bike ride earlier this year, and will be doing a few others later this year too.

Anyway, even though I have been riding not quite 4 years, I still see improvements in my riding all the time.
Most recently, slow speed control on a bigger wheel, wrong foot idling, hopping on larger unis, riding down curbs on larger unis (hint: it’s not really any different to doing it on a smaller uni, but you are just up higher). I still want to get better at turns (eg. Slalom) and at some time I want a freewheel uni…… I also want the confidence to ride down multiple steps and to ride backwards (I think I am close… at the moment I only do it near a railing)…. Oh, and I have never really hopped up anything either. That’s something I should definitely work on. :slight_smile:

I had a 36er but found it too hard for me to mount with handlebars. I was always doing the tyre grab mount. I am 166cm/5’5” and my leg length is marginal for the KH36 (Leg length 77cm/30”). Yes, I’ve seen videos on other mounting options…

Anyway, I have a friend who rode when she was a teenager in the 70’s, she saw me riding in the neighbourhood one day and so she decided to start riding again. And now we go on adventures! And she gives things a go! :slight_smile:

@BruceC is also a local rider, and we’ll enter cycling events.
Anyway, I like riding with other Unicyclists :slight_smile:

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What I have found to be key to hopping up something as a beginner. Use the smallest wheel you have. Keep the tire a little soft and bouncy. Practice hopping like you were on a pogo stick and see how high you can get and how far you can hop side to side. Learn to control your height and direction. Finally, ride up to a curb or whatever obstacle you aim to hop up or over, hop until you are next to it and have the right angle for a good sideways jump and then just do it. Once you land it, don’t stop hopping. Continue hopping until you know you are in control and then ride off.

Wow, @Gockie what a great introduction. Thanks for letting us all know who you are and something about your adventures with unicycling.

Happy and Safe riding,

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